.Calls for Presidents Intervention Amidst Court Judgement Unrest in Nasarawa

As political tensions continue to escalate in Nasarawa State following conflicting judicial pronouncements regarding the March 18 governorship election, stakeholders are fervently appealing to President Ahmed Bola Tinubu to step into the fray and prevent the situation from degenerating into a crisis reminiscent of the historic Aba Women Riots.

Since the declaration of Abdullahi Sule as the victor of the gubernatorial election, women in Nasarawa have taken to the streets adorned in black attire, and in some instances, baring themselves in protest against what they claim to be an erroneous declaration. Their assertion has been that David Ombugadu was the rightful winner of the election.

The legal saga unfolded as the tribunal ruled in favor of Ombugadu, overturning the initial election results. However, the appellate court subsequently upheld Governor Sule’s victory, causing further turmoil and disillusionment among Ombugadu’s supporters. In response, Ombugadu has escalated the legal battle by appealing the case to the Supreme Court.

The deteriorating situation has raised concerns among stakeholders, particularly in light of recent clashes between soldiers and defiant protestors. Despite the military presence attempting to quell the demonstrations following the appeal court’s verdict, the determined protestors vowed to continue their rallies for a total of 20 days until they believe justice prevails.

Stakeholders fear a potential escalation of tensions and are urgently calling on President Tinubu to intervene and help defuse the situation before it spirals out of control. They emphasize the importance of mitigating the risk of the crisis escalating into a larger and potentially violent confrontation, underscoring the need for swift and diplomatic intervention at this critical juncture in Nasarawa’s political landscape.

They said the looming uncertainty regarding the Supreme Court’s decision, coupled with the steadfast resolve of the protestors, underscores the urgency for immediate action to prevent further unrest and preserve peace and stability in Nasarawa State.

In the wake of these unfolding events, various civil society groups, community leaders, and political commentators have highlighted the potential dangers of allowing the situation in Nasarawa to escalate unchecked. They stress that the delicate political climate demands immediate attention and decisive action to prevent a further breakdown of law and order.

“The parallels with historical incidents such as the Aba Women Riots are concerning,” remarked Dr. Aisha Ibrahim, a political analyst based in Abuja. “The fervent determination of the protesting women, coupled with the conflicting judicial outcomes, has created a volatile environment that requires astute leadership and strategic intervention.”

Consequently, stakeholders and concerned citizens are urging a diplomatic and mediated resolution to the impasse. They emphasize the significance of dialogue, consensus-building, and respect for the rule of law in resolving the post-election dispute and restoring calm in Nasarawa.

Meanwhile, security agencies have been urged to exhibit utmost restraint and professionalism in handling the protests, emphasizing the need to protect the rights of citizens while maintaining law and order.

The forthcoming decision by the Supreme Court on the matter is eagerly anticipated, with hopes that it will provide a definitive and legally binding resolution to the contentious gubernatorial election, thereby easing the tensions that have gripped Nasarawa State.

The entire nation watches with bated breath as the situation unfolds in Nasarawa, underscoring the critical need for a peaceful and amicable resolution to the political impasse, preventing any escalation that might endanger the stability and unity of the state.


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