Some Nigerians in the diaspora have blamed failed promises by politicians for sustained activities of Boko Haram terrorists and bandits despite the remarkable efforts of the military. 

The Nigeria Diaspora Community for Peace (NDCP) said it arrived at this conclusion after direct interface and interaction with community members through delegated visits to affected areas and political leaders. 

In a statement signed by its president Dr Elisha Longpet on Tuesday and issued from Scotland, the group said it discovered that politicians return to their roots only during campaigns and disappear as soon they are elected.

The statement added that Boko Haram, bandits and others criminal elements would then capitalise to recruit desperate youths abandoned by the politicians.  

“Terrorism has persisted because of the inability of politicians in Borno to fulfil their promises to the youths,” Longpet said. 

“At the point of every election in Borno State, we have discovered that the politicians usually travel to their constituencies and make promises to the youths, but immediately they win their elections, they switch off their phones and make themselves inaccessible to the youths.

“The politicians normally promise the youths jobs in choice government agencies, capital to start businesses, cars, motorcycles and even cash.

“The famished youths who have no other forms of livelihood on realising they have been ditched usually line up to be recruited by the violent sects to get back at the society which they perceive as failing them.”

To put a final end to this cycle, the Nigeria Diaspora Community for Peace, however, advised that;

“Lines of communication should be opened in communities to encourage having first-hand untraceable reports to the security agencies.

“Politicians in the affected areas should be called upon to show more patriotism and shun the urge to place personal gains over and above what is of national interest. 

“Security agencies should be encouraged to maintain a presence at the fishing routes to avoid syndicate collaboration with the insurgents and smuggling. 

“To win the peace in the north, all politicians particularly Governors, Ministers, Senators and Reps must be asked to return home to sit with the youths same way they did during the electioneering period and discuss the wellbeing of the youths whom they have abandoned. “

Recall that Governor Bello Matawalle of Zamfara State had similarly blamed politicians for the spate of insecurity in parts of the north.

Speaking at the Special Army Super Camp 4 in Faskari town in Katsina, the governor said, “We, the politicians, are to be blamed for the intractable security challenges bedevilling our communities.”


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