Contrary to misconceptions on social media, the management of Abuja-based international-standard hospital, Cedarcrest has denied routinely admitting COVID-19 patients, saying it has no such plans at the moment.

In a letter dated May 31 and signed by its Director, Clinical Services, Dr Umelo Ferdinand, the hospital assured that its staff are alert and vigilant about any suspected symptoms from potential clients.

A modern specialist medical care centre in the Federal Capital Territory, Cedarcrest is famously credited by First Lady, Aisha Buhari for saving her son, Yusuf after a ghastly motorbike accident in 2018.

Recently, though, the hospital was accused of secretly attending to a high-profile Nigerian who had tested positive for the coronavirus.

However, Dr Ferdinand, on behalf of the facility said “ we do not admit any suspected cases into our main hospital and our staff are very alert and vigilant about any possible symptoms”.

According to the Director Clinical Services, separate facilities and resources were created for any suspected cases.

The medical practitioner further revealed that on no occasion has the hospital asked patients or visitors to self-isolate.

He further assured the general public that Cedarcrest remains very safe for all patients.

Read full statement below:

Our attention has been drawn to some mis of information in some social media posts relating to the treatment of a Covid-19 patient in our hospital.

While we are unable to discuss the management of any particular patient in the public space, we, however, feel we owe the public a duty to clear a few things in general.

The Covid-19 pandemic remains a risk in every hospital and Cedarcrest has gone to extreme lengths to ensure that our staff and patients are adequately protected at all times.

We do not routinely receive COVID-19 cases for treatment and presently have no intention to do so. In line with the best infection prevention and control practices, we have ensured that our staff have access to and utilise a robust supply of PPEs.

In addition, there are separate facilities and resources created for any suspected cases and have duly had these certified. We do not admit any suspected cases into our main hospital and our staff are very alert and vigilant about any possible symptoms.

We feel proud to say that we have created a very safe environment for staff to work and for routine patients to be treated. We will continue to do all we can in line with recommendations from the relevant authorities and international best practices to keep our patients safe.

Contrary to the false claims alluded to above, no patients or visitors to our facility have any reason to self-isolate. Patients should avoid casual visits to hospitals, just like applies to other public places. It is however very unsafe not to come to hospital for routine or emergent care where required.

We assure the public that Cedarcrest Hospitals remains very safe for all our patients.


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