By Mohammed Ibrahim

Deji Adeyanju invokes a strong feeling of empathy these days. A close observation of his persona lucidly reveals a squandered childhood and misused middle-age. He is full of the emotions of regrets and self-pity. He is a perfect portrait of a thoroughly misguided soul, pushed into a burning furnace by a toxic ambition in the quest for prosperity.

Listening to his lamentations, it drapes with the pathetic feelings of a frustrated man. Adeyanju is a self-acclaimed activist who is in intricate conflict with his inner self. Recently, Adeyanju exclaimed on his Twitter handle that Nigeria is not a country worth dying for. The ennui in him is understandably deep upon the realization that he has taken faulty steps during the best part of his life.

If Adeyanju dreads dying for a public cause in his country, it implies that he is not a true activist. He does not believe in the pro-masses campaigns he claims to advocate, probably because of the attraction of financial rewards. Everywhere, people make sacrifices for their people and nation. There is a country called Nigeria today because some of our forebears battled the colonialists and made sacrifices for independence of the nation.

Likewise, many soldiers battling Boko Haram/ ISWAP terrorism in the Northeast have died. They have paid the supreme price so that other Nigerians can exist in a peaceful and secured country. Therefore, pro-masses campaigners do not dread death for whatever reason as Adeyanju has done. It means his actions all this while have been deceitful. Adeyanju’s actions reminds of another odious character, by the identity of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB). He too dreaded to make sacrifices for his people but when it mattered most, he sneaked out of Nigeria. They are the self-seeking brats who project the false image of chief agitators of public cause. And they are aplenty in Nigeria, confusing themselves and those who believe in their inveterate gospels.

It is one of the many contradictions in Nigeria. The likes of Deji Adeyanju flaunts the public badge of activists, but he is everything except what he claims in public. Adeyanju is a political merchant and crisis entrepreneur, designed in a manner beneficial to him. His utterances most times portray him as a debauch. He wrote on his twitter handle another day that President Muhammadu Buhari is an animal. “Only an animal will kill 1,000 Shiites and boast about it on National TV,” he asserted.

No man who grows up in a disciplined home would use such vulgar and debased language on his leader. No circumstance, anger or instigation justifies such an uncouth diction on your President. But Adeyanju does not give a damn. Rather, he expects sane and good-mannered Nigerians to listen to him; he wants them to believe what he says or take him for a responsible person. But Adeyanju must know that student unionism is different from activism. What he does is disguised and advanced form of verbal terrorism.

And it is not surprising that Adeyanju markets himself in this manner. He has links with gangsterism, lacks morality, and an undisciplined lad. These are his observable innate attributes. In his undergraduate days at the Bayero University Kano, (BUK), Adeyanju was reportedly a rough character.

And old habits die hard. So, out of school, he is still the same Adeyanju. The air of cultism, and murder whirls around him. An awaiting trial ex-jailbird, people with such nasty experience are barren of a humane conscience; they are ruthless. When he organizes and leads protests to protect the interests of the brutal, barbaric and murderous members of El-Zakzakky’s IMN in Nigeria, he is only identifying with his soulmates.

It defeats logic that Adeyanju should stand up for the defence of members of the illegal Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), a murderous sect in Nigeria. It is strange that the self-styled pro-democracy campaigner claims the murder of a thousand Shiites by government, (how did he arrive at this figure?) but is less unconcerned about the innocent Nigerians the religious extremists have killed for over 40 years. What a warped sense of justice!

So, garbing himself with the robes of a political activist is merely an antic of masking himself to exploit gullible politicians. Adeyanju has rendered himself as an active voice of political power mongers in Nigeria. In his estimation, this is a career and he practices it with every expertise.

It surprised many that when Justices Okon Abang sentenced the former PDP national publicity secretary, Mr. Olisa Metuh to jail after convicting him on charges of corruption, Adeyanju came out barking and howling like a castrated bull. He again tweeted, expressing disappointment with the decision of the judge.

He sought to exonerate Metuh from guilt, claiming the former PDP pub scribe was only paid for a transaction. To know Adeyanju is not only a brainwashed soul contracted on hatchet jobs, he argued farcically that the recipient of money for a transaction has no obligation to investigate the source. This reasoning is too infantile, especially for anyone familiar with the facts surrounding the scandalous disbursement of the $2.1 billion arms procurement fund to politicians. But is a trite law and common knowledge that a person who receives stolen property is also an accomplice in the criminal act.

Adeyanju is a doubtful character with multiple identities. He is variously known as Charles, Umar and so forth. And as an unstable character, Adeyanju has been shuttling between Christian and Muslim faiths at different intervals. He presents himself as a Christian today and a Muslim tomorrow. It smacks of a character who is at war with himself and cannot be trusted. Those who know him claim, Adeyanju was chased out of the Nigerian Peace Corps for impersonation as well. Dubiousness surrounds him.

A person like Adeyanju with such filthy credentials has no moral justification to even pretend leading a genuine public cause. It is impossible! It must be made abundantly clear to Adeyanju that a political merchant cannot automatically morph into an activist. Adeyanju cannot run away from his rotten past and seek to clad himself with a new artificial identity. He must identify his personality in consonance with his known antecedents.

And there are just two alternatives left for him. Adeyanju should acknowledge himself either as a fake activist or a cloaked terrorist. But surely, he is not a genuine activist. His actions of defending the murderous Shiites cannot exculpate him from the tag of a terrorist. It will do Adeyanju a lot of good, if he stops deceiving himself and Nigerians with the fake title of an activist.

Ibrahim wrote from Kaduna.


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