The Save Nigeria Movement (SNM), a formidable and frontline Civil Society Organisation (CSO) has urged Nigerians to disregard the unfounded and hilarious falsehood being peddled by one fugitive by name of Jackson Ude, a well known merchant of misinformation and fake news alleging among other spurious claims that the Department of State Security (DSS), Nigeria’s number one spy agency and the custodian of nations intelligence is embroiled in corruption.

The group in a press release widely distributed to journalists in Abuja by the Convener, Rev Solomon Semaka, registered their displeasure with the continued, unprovoked and unjustifiable attacks of a fugitive journalist on the integrity of the DSS which has been in the forefront of the war against corruption and threats against national security.

According to the statement, “it hurts to be continuously inundated with deliberate false narratives about an institution that has over the years distinguished itself and rendered the most professional loyal and dedicated service to the fatherland. The likes of Jackson Ude are indeed blinded by chasing empty media clout and their desperation has turned them into liars in their attempts to get comments and likes on their social media handles. But Jackson Ude as usual is only chasing clout and exchanging ignorance with his ilk. The DSS under Mr Bichi is more focused as ever for the records.

“There is no iota of truth in whatever the disgruntled sadist has said about the DSS and the distinguished Director General (DG) of DSS, Alhaji Yusuf Magaji Bichi, OFR, who has been honest, accountable, meticulous and transparent all through his career, first as a personel and now the DG of DSS. To weave fictitious stories of increased ‘goodbye allowances’ whatever that means, which does not even exist and accuse him of diverting subsidy removal palliatives that has not been disbursed by the federal government is to say the least callous”.

The CSO is equally irked by other petty and absurd accusations brought against DSS by the attention seeking Jackson Ude whose entire career is characterized by mudslinging, ineptitude and mischief.

“The ignominious ignorance expressed by Jackson Ude in alleging that the DG of DSS is involved in illegalities and fraudulent activities only shows his lack of understanding of how international spy agencies like the DSS are run. For a man who was recalled from glorious retirement in 2018 and given the exalted office of DG of DSS because of his stainless track record, it is laughable to conjure lies that he’ll require the intervention of anyone to lobby for another term. It is even more laughable to drop names of his wife and the president daughter. Between the wife and the man who is DGSS, who can lobby?

President Tinubu already knows what do and he’ll reward hardwork accordingly Rev Solomon Semaka assured Nigerians. We know the risk Alh Yusuf Magaji Bichi took to ensure that democracy was not botched pre and post 2023 general elections. That the man is focused on the task and has refused to fail is provocative enough for all enemies of the country. But this is their headache. The service under Alh Yusuf Magaji is undaunted and Nigerians are watching the back of the service as expected.

“Vainly trying to stain the tenacious Chief Security Officer (CSO) to the President, Mr. Adegboyega Fasisi in this web of empty conspiracy theories is a joke taken too far. Alhaji Yusuf Magaji needs nobody to lobby for him and for the avoidance of doubt, Mr. Fasasi, is not running the DSS as claimed by clout chasers. The DSS has a primary duty to protect the President and a synergy between the DSS and the CSO should not be misconstrued as lobbying but strategic alliance in the interest of national security”.
The release also bemoaned the weak an unsubstantiated claims that Alhaji Yusuf Bichi has refused to implement the 40 percent increment approved for members of the intelligence community and has unilaterally stopped the payment of study leave allowance to personnel some of whom are overseas as well as the appointing Junior officers as Deputy Directors, describing it as crass ignorance about how security agencies and promotions in the federal civil service is done. But we don’t blame a fugitive who is in hiding. Soon he will beg for another “out of court settlement” as he has always done when called upon by the US courts and law enforcement. He knows what I am talking about. Can he tell us the outcome of similar defamation cases he has lost without any shred of evidence when challenged? Is that who Nigerians will take serious? For example, Jackson Ude lied against Engr Simbi Wabote and was sued for defamation in the US courts. He has since been begging for settlement instead of proving his allegations. The DSS under Alh Yusuf Magaji Bichi will not chase shadows.

“First of all, it is not possible for the DG of DSS to stop the federal ministry of finance from implementing the said 40%.There’s no justification whatsoever. The Service cannot stop the study leave allowances of personnel bearing in mind the premium placed on knowledge acquisition by the Service. It is better to ask questions rather than running to the media to spew gibberish. As for the promotion of officers, federal character and seniority are pivotal in a highly professional agency like the DSS and cannot be jettisoned by the Service,” the statement noted.

The CSO earnestly appealed to all well-meaning Nigerians and personnel of DSS to disregard what it described as “dissenting voices whose only motive is to sow seeds of discord and division with the sole intent of dampening the morale of
the Service over mundane issues like the DG’s personal gifts, which are purely discretional and the payment of wardrobe and packing allowances which are adminstrative issues”.

The group finally sent a stern warning to personnel and other interlopers who have found a new job of feeding misinformation to attack dogs to “desist or be prepared to face the full wrath of law as the current management of DSS has been very professional and has always prioritised staff welfare and comfort in the discharge of its mandate of securing the Presidency and maintaining national security”.


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