A civil society group, Network of Concerned Citizens, has reacted to the statement made by the Comptroller-General of the Nigerian Correctional Service, Haliru Nababa on feeding allowance for security dogs and prison inmates.

Recall the CG had on Thursday, responding to a question from Oshiomhole during a joint hearing of the national assembly committee on interior, stated that the the total number of inmates in 2023 is 81,354 nationwide while 53,352 are awaiting trial, and that each inmate are fed with N750 daily and they are fed three times daily (N250 for each meal), while there are 900 security dogs and to feed a dog each day is about N800. This statement has raised so much dust from different persons, including Oshiomhole, the senate committee chairman.

In a statement signed and made available to newsmen today, the executive director, Amb. Kanjal Awal, the group disclosed that within its own discretion, the statement made by the CG, was taken out of malicious context for media clickbaits and to discredit the excellent service of the leadership of the NCoS.

It reads: ” As concerned citizens of this great nation, issues of national interest should be treated and addressed accordingly and appropriately free from bias. We have read and checked the statement of the Comptroller-General, Nigeria Correctional Service, Haliru Nababa, and we do not get the noise and eyebrows it has raised so far.

“The statement, “We feed each inmate with N750 daily, and they are fed three times daily (N250 for each meal). We have 900 security dogs, and to feed a dog each day, we spend N800.”, wasnt meant to put premium to animals than humans but that statement was to buttress the CGs’ concerns on the need to increase the feeding allowances of inmates which according to him, his request to the minister of interior for upward review of the amount to 3,000 per day is yet to be granted.

“It is beyond weird and unthinkable, that a clear statement from a committed public steward, is misconstrued by the media and men with so much wealth of knowledge. Let us reiterate that the CG has a right to make statement but however the statement is taken or manipulated for the self-aggrandizement and malicious intent of the publishers and major for clicks, views and perhaps monetization and to marr/ tarnish images, which we do not understand why, is not and can never be the CGs’ fault to bear.

“Even if the CG, meant it in the context it was taken or reported, taking care of animals is quite more expensive than humans because of their constant need for medications and other care considering the level of job they perform or task required of them. That aside, as watchdogs of the society, we are privy to the astute activeness of CG, Haliru Nababa and his commitment to the service, we know that he is keen to humanity and will never place value on dogs over humans.

“Let us mention, that in the process of this statement, the CG, also stated that they have made provision for the feeding of inmates, dogs and staff on training in six training institutions across the country and the money is grossly inadequate. The main stream media in their reportage didn’t take it from that angle, but took it from an angle capable of creating a scene and raising eyebrows without minding the negative impact it leaves on the person involved.

“We understand that the senate committee chairman, Adams Oshiomhole isn’t so pleased with the fact that dogs get 800, while Inmates receives 750, but like he said, this is a major Policy Issue and no one knows the intention of government to appropriate money to feed animals than to feed human beings. Hence, we are advising that instead of trying to blame issues on people, solutions should be panned to solve them.

“The half way narratives from these medium, goes to show the loopholes in credible journalism, they have the chance as respected news outlets to contact the CG for a balanced perspective in other to go beyond the clichés and name-calling and excavate richer, deeper truths, at a time of profound division. At this point, i think with all this misconstrued art of reportage, value is constantly placed in the ancient power of storytelling, because it feels like we have all reached our collective limitations.

“The CG, Haliru Nababa is a performing public steward and should not be rewarded with such controversies that could affect his mental health and his image.” The statement added.


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