By Sunday Attah

Several weeks on now, the media has been celebrating the feud between the popular acclaimed sex therapist Hauwa Saidu Mohammed popularly known as Jaruma and nollywood actress Regina Daniels, who is married to the billionaire politician and socialite, Prince Ned Nwoko, however very few people have given the quarrel a thought deep enough to unearth the real reason for such a dirty fight.

Jaruma whose popularity grew courtesy of her mastery of the use of social media to sell her sex items, claims her products are what Regina Daniels implored to cause an end to the marriage between her husband, Ned Nwoko and his Morrocan ex-wife Laila Chavani.

While Regina has in several appearances refuted such claims, stating that she has never used any of the products as claimed by Jaruma but only promoted them courtesy of a business deal which saw her earning 10 million naira for the promotion of the aphrodisiacs, her husband, Ned Nwoko has already taken the the air to clear all misconceptions about how his marriage to Laila ended.

Ned who spoke through his media aide also debunked the allegations that his decision to severe marital ties with his Morrocan wife was influenced by any aphrodisiac, stating clearly that he ended the marriage as a result of Irreconcilable differences rooted in indecent conducts.

According to him, when Laila was on holiday in London, she engaged in frivolous spending including money meant for the kids, frequenting night clubs with random men which resulted to her contacting the Corona Virus. She is also accused of getting plastic surgery without his consent.

Meanwhile as the argument rages on, it is pertinent to also enquire the vested interest of Jaruma in the marriage between Ned and his “wives”, alongside her authenticity.

Jaruma’s who claims to have helped Regina Daniels to send Laila away through the use of her products is ironically unable to save her own marriage with the same products .

The 41 year old who claims to be an expert at “helping women keep their husbands” has not been able to keep her own husband. She is known to have been married to one Ross Fahad Isabor but only got separated 3 years after the marriage.

It is also worthy of mention that even after the collapse of her marriage, probably out of shame the “healer of marriages” kept lying about her marriage until her sister-in-law broke the news of the long time separation of Jaruma and her brother who has since left Dubai back to Lagos and is living a quiet life.

For a woman who thrives on social media clout it won’t be out of place to examine why she will not start such an uproar to promote her self and her business. She is the same person who lied to the world that their marriage begat twins while in reality they only had one child and no other till the unfortunate collapse of it even though she claims to be the “savior of marriages”.

It will also be wisdom to wonder how a woman willfully tells the world that she was responsible for helping send another woman out of her marriage and it is hilarious that she will proudly insist that she is responsible even when those concerned have debunked her claims.

However after critical assessment of Madam Kayan Mata, it is rife to conclude that the whole fight is certainly an adventure initiated by her, aimed at boosting her media presence and rub off the Ned Nwoko fame.

She has successfully taken advantage of her relationship with Ned’s wife to generate controversy around him with her in the middle in order to reinvent herself and create a new narrative for her business.

Having to go any length to be popular and promote her business, is not new to her as people who have followed her closely on social media will attest to the fact that she leaves and thrives on controversy not minding how it comes about nor whose ox is gored in the process.

Who better be dragged into her needless search for clout than a popular billionaire who has openly advocated his knack for decency and is acknowledged for his principles? Certainly the Nwokos should make good meat for her media rejuvenation even as it is clear the motive for this unsavory exchange.

Sunday Attah is a writer and a public affairs commentator, writes from Abuja Nigeria


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