“l am an elder over 70-years and I am very worried about what is going on in our country today. At my age I went round the whole of Nasarawa State during the last campaign. It was very clear everywhere we went that the people were no longer with the incumbent Governor, Engineer Audu Sule of the APC. From the 1st APC campaign outing in Toto Local Government the Governor was greeted by women and youths with street protest. They told him clearly that they were tired of his lack of performances and empty promises.

“In fact, Toto had been without electricity for almost ten-years of APC governorship in our state. Everywhere the Governor and his team went the reception was cold and scanty which was a very clear signal that Governor Sule was out of touch with the needs and aspirations of the people of Nasarawa State.

“I’m aware that after two years in office the Governor dismissed the advice from leaders and members of his party to fulfill his campaign promises. Instead of listening to his party’s in-house advice to roll up his sleeves and work for the people, he flared up at them and publicly swore that he would do only one term and relocate abroad to live his life in peace! I was therefore not surprised by the cold and in many places the hostile reception Engineer Sule campaign witnessed across Nasarawa State.” -Senator Walid Jibrin, Elder Statesman


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