A security expert,  Mr. Dogo Lukman, has applauded  the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. TY Buratai and Nigerian troops over the recent onslaught against Boko Haram and ISWAP terrorists.

He said what Buratai and the troops have done to the terrorist groups is akin to placing them on quarantine while sending their sponsors on exile.

Our correspondent reports that Buratai has been coordinating military activities in the theatre of war since March at the Lake Chad region in the bid to making sure that the activities of the groups are brought to a final end has posted impressive results on the battlefield giving hope that the defeat of the terrorists is close by.

Lukman, who spoke with newsmen in Abuja, said after processing relevant information emanating from the Lake Chad region, there is every indication that the terrorists have finally been subdued, cornered a a cordoned off while their  sponsors have gone into hiding.

His words: “These elements that used to torment the peace of the entire country have been quarantined by the heat coming from the troops and are now self isolating themselves in caves.”

The security expert who gave analyses of the information coming from the theaters of war said in March 27, 2020,  Nigerian troops eliminated not less than 20 top Boko Haram commanders including one Abu Usamah, and over 100 of their fighters who were hiding  in Kwalaram, Ngilewa, Sabon Tumbu, Bukarmairam, Wulgo in the Marte and Gamboru Ngala axis as well as in Gorgi, Damboa local government of  Borno State.

He said in April, Nigerian troops also killed 105 insurgents in Buni Gari and captured many weapons including five AK-47 rifles, three GPMG and one Duska anti-aircraft gun.

He said in May,  78 members of ISWAP and 56  Boko Haram members were killed and 28 of their informants  were arrested. 

The security expert said though the Nigerian military declared that the army killed over 300 insurgents in the recent combat operations, there are indications that over 500 of the terrorists have been killed within the period. 

Luqman said this is evident from the overrunning of insurgents’ camps in Durfada, Allafha, Timbuktu, Bulajibi and Gonikurmi and in and  around Sambisa  Forest where many of the terrorists were killed .

“These operations happening in the deep fortresses were hardly reported but the casualty rate on the part of the insurgents was quite high.

The troops normally pull put of such places to plan ahead hence tend to underestimate the level of damage but the insurgents have been given a bloody nose this time that they cannot tell what exactly hit them,” he said.

The security expert said the recent audio message released by Abubakar Shekau in which he confessed that his men are under “trial” and going through rough times is a confirmation in security cycle that they have been overwhelmed.

Said Luqman: “This is a man that in all his messages used to talk about killing or abducting innocent and unarmed citizens, but this time he is saying they are passing through a trial and is encouraging them not to lose hope.

He said Nigerian troops have gone beyond technically defeating the terrorists to nearly bringing them down to their knees.

“This is because they can no longer operate as they wish and are only scampering from one point to another in utter confusion,” he added. 

The security expert commended the current battle strategy of the military which he said involves moving reinforcement while troops are pressing hard against the insurgents.

This he said is commendable and has boosted the confidence of troops while overwhelming the terrorists.

Luqman called on the authorities to send more troops to the battlefield in order for the military to maintain presence in the operational locations they overrun and to avoid a situation where the Boko Haram elements regroup.

He said though the troops have done much, there is the need to take proactive and innovative steps that would confound the insurgents and accelerate their final defeat adding that concentration should not be on their fighting troops alone but efforts must be made to counter them in intelligence gathering.

“No doubt much has been achieved but the little effort remaining requires a harder push and superior strategy,” he stated.


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