…Football Stakeholders Urge for Credibility, Accountability in Upcoming FA Chairman Election”

The forthcoming election for the position of Chairman in the Nasarawa State Football Association has been marred by allegations of cash-based campaigning. Football stakeholders have voiced their concerns about the implications of such practices on the future of the association.

Recall that the election, scheduled for November 4th in Keffi, is seen as a pivotal moment for the Nasarawa State Football Association. The state’s football community is eager to elect a leader who will prioritize credibility, transparency, and accountability in the administration of the sport.

However, recent reports have raised questions about the integrity of the election process. It has come to the attention of stakeholders that a certain candidate in the race has allegedly been engaging in the distribution of money to delegates, leading to accusations of attempts to influence the outcome of the election.

One particular concern is the candidate’s alleged push for an open ballot, a move that has been criticized for its potential to expose delegates who have received money but may choose not to vote for the said candidate. This has raised eyebrows among football stakeholders who question the candidate’s commitment to leading the association based on merit rather than financial influence.

Football enthusiasts, coaches, players, and fans are unified in their call for a chairman who will prioritize the interests of the sport and its development in Nasarawa State. They emphasize the importance of transparency, credibility, and accountability in the administration of the association.

Stakeholders have expressed their concerns, noting that if the candidate is genuinely qualified and dedicated to the role, there should be no need to resort to cash-based tactics to secure votes. They stress the need for a chairman who is elected on the basis of their vision and capabilities, rather than financial incentives.

As the election date approaches, the Nasarawa State Football Association community hopes that the focus will shift towards discussions of the candidates’ manifestos and their plans to foster growth, development, and inclusivity within the state’s football scene.

The question that remains is whether the election process will indeed be a reflection of the sport’s core values, including fairness, integrity, and a dedication to the betterment of football in Nasarawa State. Football stakeholders are watching closely, and their expectations are high for a future chairman who will prioritize the sport’s best interests over monetary incentives.


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