…. set to mobilize international support, resources for Nigeria

The APC UK and All-Diaspora Chapters of the All Progressives Congress have hailed President Muhammadu Buhari and the Service Chiefs for exhibiting “extraordinary patriotism and commitment” in the war against terrorism. 

Owing to their sacrifices to end the insurgency, the APC groups in the diaspora have vowed to mobilize international support and resources to complement the Federal Government’s tremendous effort in the final clearance operation.

After a thorough review of the happenings in the North-East, the APC groups affirmed that significant progress has been made by the troops since the relocation of the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General TY Buratai to the theatre of operations. 

In a statement signed by Dr. Philip Idaewor, Chairman APC UK Chapter and Chairman Committee of Diaspora chairmen, the groups recounted how several high profile Boko Haram/ISWAP commanders were killed and many others injured, fleeing to neighbouring countries. 

” We note that the Nigerian Military made significant gains against Boko Haram terrorists following the relocation of the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General TY Buratai to the war front, which resulted in the war being taken to the camp of the terrorists. This onslaught led to terrorist camps being destroyed and several high-ranking commanders of the abhorrent group being killed while other terrorists fled into neighbouring countries as they always do,” Dr Idaewor said. 

“We equally note that Boko Haram resorted to abducting aid workers and murdering them. Our reading of the situation is that this is a desperate ploy to court attention after they have suffered serial losses to the Nigerian Military. Other forms of desperate attacks calculated at inflicting terror and shoring up the morale of terrorists appear to have been ordered by commanders of the terrorists.” 

While admitting that the terrorists have been beaten to its lowest point in history, the Nigerians in diaspora added that it is crucial to capitalize and completely wipe out the remnants from the continent. 

However, with Nigeria almost in the battle alone with minimal support from neighbours and the international community, the APC groups reckoned that this may be a tough ask. 

” We further noted that even though the terrorist group has been beaten to its lowest in years, there is an urgency to completely wipe out this scourge from Africa so that the people can live in peace and return to normal community activities. If the remnants of the group are not eradicated with a scorch-earth totality then there is the risk that they will regroup, rearm and return to be a threat to everyone,” he said. 

“We observe that Nigeria is practically going the war on terrorism alone with minimal or no military input from countries that ordinarily present themselves as friends of Nigeria. Assistance from such countries at the moment is mostly in the form of humanitarian work, which some have even used as a cover to funnel support to the terrorists and further undermine Nigeria.”

The APC UK Chapter and Diaspora Chapters, therefore, vowed to rally for support from the international community and fellow Nigerian professionals in the diaspora to put a final end to the challenges of insecurity at home. 

The groups further called on “Nigerian professionals in their various fields to help in changing the narrative and bringing about the needed peace and security in the country”.

“The United Kingdom (UK) and Diaspora Chapters of APC are convinced that time is running out for the international community to pitch in and collaborate with Nigeria to defeat Boko Haram/ISIS. The reality is that the Nigerian Government and the Militarily require international collaboration and support to Defeat Boko Haram,” Dr Idaewor acknowledged.  

“Our recognition of this imperative has made us embark on mobilizing international support for the war against insurgency and terrorism in Nigeria. Winning the war against terrorism in all its colour in Nigeria and Africa should now detain international attention in order to attain global peace and minimise dangerous transcontinental migration. The COAS and other Security Chiefs must be supported by all Nigerians both at home and in the Diaspora to do more. “


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