The Governance Accountability and Advocacy Centre (GAAC) has vehemently rejected allegations of regional bias in the 2024 budget, dismissing such claims as unfounded and designed to instigate discord among Nigeria’s federating entities. During a press conference in Abuja, the group commended the patriotism of the National Assembly’s leadership and underscored that the budget underwent meticulous consideration and debate.

Okwa Dan, the convener of GAAC, rebuffed insinuations from the Northern Senators Forum, branding them as fallacious and intended to create disaffection. He reiterated that the budget is structured to benefit all Nigerians, with an emphasis on its inclusive design rather than favoring any specific region or group.

While urging senators to collaborate for the nation’s overall benefit, Dan expressed confidence in the leadership of the National Assembly, describing them as patriotic and devoted to the Nigerian cause. He called on the Northern Senators Forum to engage in constructive dialogue with their colleagues to address any concerns about the budget allocation.

Dan highlighted the equitable distribution of leadership positions across the North and South in both houses of the National Assembly, emphasizing a balanced membership composition. He underscored that the budget’s approval involved active contributions and votes from lawmakers across regions, dismissing current reservations as possibly driven by mischief.

The GAAC convener also pointed out the involvement of the Minister of Budget and Planning, who hails from the North, in preparing the budget document. Dan emphasized that the minister, being a competent public office holder, would have worked towards a budget that addresses the developmental needs of the entire country.

In conclusion, GAAC reminded senators of their responsibility to work for the good of all Nigerians, irrespective of ethnicity or religion. The group urged caution in leaders’ utterances, emphasizing the need for well-guided statements, particularly in light of the country’s ongoing challenges.


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