…. PRP, AA Agents Refused to signe INEC s Manipulated form (EC8B)

The Nasarawa State Governorship Election Tribunal witnessed a significant turn of events on Wednesday as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) continued their presentation of evidence.

Dr. David Ombugadu and the PDP called the Gayam Ward Collation Agent of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) to the stand, who provided compelling evidence of vote manipulation during the 2023 Nasarawa State Governorship/State House of Assembly election.

The PRP Agent, identified as PW12, revealed shocking discrepancies in the summation of polling units results on the Gayam Ward Collation Summary Sheet (Form EC8B). He disclosed that the figures on the Governorship section of the summary sheet did not accurately reflect the actual computation of votes obtained from the respective Polling Units in the Ward.

The witness stated that he had signed the Ward Collation Summary for the House of Assembly elections but refused to sign the one for the Governorship race due to the glaring disparities.

He further presented evidence, including the polling units’ results of the 58 polling units in Gayam Ward, which clearly showed that the votes transferred into the Collation Summary for the Nasarawa Governorship election were incorrect and did not reflect the actual votes garnered by the candidates at the Polling Unit level.

Additionally, the Chiroma Ward Agent of the Action Alliance, identified as PW13, also testified before the Tribunal. His appearance was pursuant to the Petitioners’ application, aiming to shed light on the collation of results from Polling Units in Chiroma Ward into the Ward Collation Summary sheet (Form EC8B) for Lafia LGA.

The Petitioners claimed that the final summary of results did not accurately represent the votes computed from the respective Polling Units in Chiroma Ward.

To further strengthen their case, the Petitioners called two Polling Units Agents, designated as PW14 and PW15, who provided their testimonies supporting the claims of discrepancies in the election process.

After a day filled with gripping testimonies, the Tribunal adjourned the proceedings to July 27, 2023, for the continuation of the hearing.

The unfolding revelations have raised serious concerns about the integrity of the 2023 Nasarawa State Governorship/State House of Assembly election and its potential implications on the democratic process. As the case progresses, all eyes remain fixed on the Tribunal for justice to prevail.


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