By Kelly Agwambi

Amnesty International has been in the news in Nigeria for various reasons. It has, in most cases, advocated for the preservation of human rights and values. While this is commendable, however, there is more to the activities of Amnesty International in Nigeria that most political commentators and members of the unsuspecting general public seem to be missing.

Beyond the veiled global outlook, there is an agenda that is propelled by monetary gains, especially with the fact that the highest payers for services are the various terrorist organizations around the world. And I am not surprised that the Boko Haram conflict in Nigeria has provided that platform for Amnesty International to make a kill. And they somewhat succeeded.

Taking a cursory look at the activities of Amnesty International in Nigeria, one would be confronted with anomalies that defeat common sense, and the sincerity of heart and purpose because Amnesty International is a business organization solely for the aim of profit-making.

This fact has been corroborated in several countries that led to its expulsion for acts that undermine National security. Nigeria is also a victim of this international conspiracy that aided the festering of the Boko Haram/ISWAP imbroglio despite the proactive steps taken by the Nigerian government and the Nigerian Military.

The Nigerian Military is the worse hit by activities of Amnesty International in Nigeria. I recall that there were instances where some bold Nigerians took to the street demanding for the expulsion of Amnesty International from Nigeria for acts that undermine our national security.

In the eyes of Amnesty International, the Nigerian Military is committing human rights violations in the persecution of the war against terrorism, while the Boko Haram/ISWAP group is fighting a just cause with the killing of women and children, as well as elderly ones whose crimes are the fact that they are from North-East Nigeria.

Back to the crux of the issue, it is indeed a statement of the fact that Amnesty International does not mean good for Nigeria. Their sympathy has always been with the Boko Haram group and other militant groups such as the Indigenous People of Biafra and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria that have perpetrated crimes against humanity, that have consistently violated all known tenets of human rights. The list is endless.

As typical in other climes experiencing terrorism, there is always an intellectual wing that assists these groups in recruitments and other sundry issues. And this intellectual task is usually contracted to NGOs such as Amnesty International.

The case of Nigeria provides that vivid example. Have we ever wondered why when the Nigerian Military is making gains in the Boko Haram war, Amnesty International will come up with half-truths accusing the Nigerian Military of human rights violations against the Boko Haram group. As funny as this might sound, this is the starkness of the reality on the ground.

In some quarters, it has been stated that Amnesty International is the mouthpiece of Boko Haram. Some scholars have likened their activities to that of intellectual terrorism that provides them with these services in return for a fee. It didn’t end there as they have also been acting in the interest of other militant organizations whose stock in trade is to cause sorrow and anguish to unarmed women and children.

I can’t but agree because there are abounding pieces of evidence that support this position. Amnesty International would cry wolf and accuse the Nigerian government of gross human rights violations. However, when the Boko Haram group kills innocent women and children, it maintains an unholy silence.

Amnesty International also gives tactic support to some International NGOs operating in North-East Nigeria aiding and abetting the activities of the Boko Haram group. This much they have been consistent with over the years in return for pecuniary benefits. I dare to say that not until the generality of Nigerians realize that Amnesty International is out to destabilize Nigeria, we are in for a big mess.

They not only act as the mouthpiece of Boko Haram, but they also carry out recruitment by proxy on behalf of the group. I recall that this much was stated at a forum where multiple pieces of evidence were presented with regards to the fact that Amnesty International is involved in activities that bolsters the operations of the Boko Haram group.

This is nothing but intellectual terrorism, and I dare say that its part of the overall strategy of Amnesty International to ensure that it continues to remain in business, but at the detriment of innocent lives that have been lost over the years.

The worrisome aspect is that Amnesty International is not remorseful about their actions which are hinged on deceit and the propagation of falsehood at the behest of their paymasters that have vowed to destabilize and disintegrate Nigeria. It consequently behooves on Nigerians to wake up to this realization and demand for an end to the nefarious activities of Amnesty International in Nigeria.

For as long as Nigerians continue to remain silent in the face of the atrocities of Amnesty International in Nigeria, we should be ready to live with the consequences for as long as possible. In all of these, we must realize one thing, which is the fact that those against the interest of Nigeria would not relent until they achieve their aim.

They would continue to push and push till Nigerian reaches the brink. I am not convinced that our offence is beyond that fact that the country is blessed with a political leadership that is committed to putting Nigeria on the path of sustainable growth and development.

Students of international relations and politics would agree with me that Nigeria has been under sustained attack led by Amnesty International and their affiliates. But there is a limit to which the resilience can last, which makes it crucial that citizens are enlightened to understand what their country is going through and how they should not be brainwashed into becoming facilitators for the destruction of their country with a concept that is locked on destroying the “military and the country is gone” principle.

Today, we seem to be comfortable with the fact that Amnesty International is undermining our national security. But what tomorrow holds for the future of Nigeria is bleak. That is if we still have a country to call our own. We must open our history books and take a critical look at countries that failed to act as at when necessary to curtail the nefarious activities of these NGOs parading themselves as proponents of the people.

It must be stated that it is a collective endeavor that requires commitment from the government and the people to address this anomaly. Nigerians must henceforth question Amnesty International in their elements. Nigerians must see to that fact that their strategy to destroy Nigeria by constantly attacking our Armed Forces is thwarted. If we do not do this, I wonder who would do it for us.

We must not allow Amnesty International to destroy our country as this generation of Nigerians and indeed the future generations have nowhere else to call home. The ball is in our court. We must act wisely and timely as time is of the essence. This is my opinion.

Agwabi is a public affairs analyst based in Abuja.


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