The Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) faction of Boko Haram has confirmed the killing of one of its top commanders, Muhammad bin Mallam Fow, who went with the nom de guerre, Abu al-Kukhtar al-Ansari.

A biography published for al-Ansari in the Issue 228 of the digital terrorist propaganda newsletter, al-Naba, that was distributed on April 2, 2020 and translated by the SITE Intelligence Group confirmed his death at the hands of government troops.

The ISWAP propaganda newsletter confirmed that the Nigerian Army killed al-Ansari when the terrorists undertook a failed revenge attack on Damaturu, which the they launched in retaliation for the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Abu ai-Muhajir, ISIS leaders that were earlier taken out by US forces.

In addition to sundry crimes, the publication confirmed that al-Ansari masterminded attacks on Damaturu, Geidam, Garanda and Mallam Fatori in his capacity as the emir of Security Work Battalion.

While the mainstream media had been skeptical of the report by the Nigerian Army that it had neutralized a senior Boko Haram commander, al-Ansari, and scores of other terrorists during the attack on Damaturu, the obituary verified that he was killed when he tried to fire an RPG round to destroy an armoured tank.

The deceased terrorist also ran ISWAP’s indoctrination programmes in addition to managing the terror group’s intelligence network that identify and arrest those that are planning to embrace the offer of surrender from the Nigerian Military.

His death four months after he was appointed Commander of ISWAP’s Security Work Battalion shows that the Nigerian Army regularly neutralize occupants of the position.


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