In a recent conversation on the Afrobeats Intelligence Podcast, Joeboy shared insights into a pivotal period in his life during university when a three-month strike led him to seek employment at a pure water factory.

Recalling the challenging times, the artist, who studied Human Resources and Personal Management, narrated, “I had no choice but to go hard or go home. I remember searching for a job for three months across Lagos during the university strike. Unable to secure any position, I eventually found myself working as a marketer in a pure water factory, distributing flyers and promoting products to make ends meet.”

Joeboy emphasized that this experience became a turning point, motivating him to strive for success in his musical career. “I questioned if this was the path my life would take after finishing school. It was a trigger for me to tell myself, ‘You really have to make sure you make it,'” he shared.

The artist further revealed the impact of being discovered and signed by Mr Eazi, describing it as a “scary” experience. He emphasized the increased responsibility that came with others investing their time, energy, and money in his career. “It wasn’t a joke anymore or something I did for fun. It was scary, but you go hard or go home,” Joeboy concluded.


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