Hajiya Fatima Zubairu, the mother of Ummulkhulsum Buhari, who was tragically murdered by her Chinese boyfriend, Frank Geng Quarong, has praised the Kano State High Court’s decision to impose the death penalty on Quarong for the heinous crime.

Residing in Kano, Quarong was found guilty of culpable homicide and sentenced to death by hanging following a conviction on one count.

In delivering the judgment, Presiding Judge Justice Sunusi Maaji dismissed all six witnesses and evidence presented by the accused. Maaji emphasized that the prosecution, led by the state Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General, Haruna Dederi, convincingly proved the case beyond any doubt.

While sentencing Quarong to death, Justice Maaji also granted a stipulated period for potential appeals should there be any disagreement with the ruling.

Expressing her sentiments to reporters post-verdict, the victim’s mother conveyed her sorrow over the loss of her daughter but expressed contentment with the court’s decision. “I am extremely sad I lost my daughter, but I am satisfied justice has been served,” said Zubairu.

Additionally, on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), various Nigerians hailed the verdict as a deterrent to potential offenders. Some users underscored the importance of holding criminals accountable for their actions to uphold societal order.

However, there were also concerns raised by some individuals regarding the possibility of the convict attempting to escape custody, referencing past incidents where foreign detainees reportedly fled while under Nigerian authorities’ watch.


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