In a recent development, football stakeholders in Nasarawa State have raised concerns over the operational efficiency and organization of the Nasarawa Football Association (NFA), labeling it as the most disorganized Football Association (FA) in Nigeria.

Expressing their dismay, stakeholders highlighted the absence of a physical office for the NFA, which hampers effective communication and engagement with the football community.

They lamented the inability of the association to send correspondences directly to them, relying solely on soft copies for communication. Additionally, stakeholders are barred from utilizing the same digital channels to send correspondences to the NFA, exacerbating communication barriers.

In a brief interview, Chairman of AYD FC Doma, A Division1 club in NLO a prominent figure among the stakeholders Mr Abdullahi Y Doma (AYD), emphasized the urgency of the matter, urging the NFA to promptly disclose their office address to the general public. He voiced his discontent, stressing the importance of transparency and accessibility within the football administration.

AYD stated firmly, “I am calling on them to, as a matter of urgency, disclose their office address to the general public. We cannot continue in this manner where vital communication is hindered by lack of transparency and accessibility.”

“We will not stand idly by and watch our football association crumble due to administrative inefficiencies,” AYD added.

The football stakeholders have called for immediate action from the NFA to address these pressing issues, underscoring the need for transparent and accountable governance within the football administration.

As the voices of discontent grow louder, the future of football administration in Nasarawa State hangs in the balance, awaiting swift and decisive action from the authorities concerned.


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