The ongoing legal proceedings concerning the gubernatorial election in Nasarawa State witnessed a series of testimonies from witnesses representing the second respondent, A. A. Sule.

The sitting, scheduled for the continuation of the defense, brought forth crucial evidence and discussions that shed light on the election results.

The lead counsel for the second respondent, Dr. Adekunle, presented certified copies of documents, including Form EC8BS for Shege 1 ward of Toto LGA and Form EC8BS of Gidan Ausa 2 of Obi LGA. However, Dr. JS Okutepa, the PDP lead counsel, raised a significant objection, deeming these documents inadmissible at this stage. The reasons behind this objection are set to be detailed in the written address.

Witnesses were subsequently called to testify, each providing insights into the election process and the reported discrepancies:

Muktar Ibrahim, a civil servant and an APC member from Iya ward 2 of Keffi LGA, stated that the BVAS Machine was used for voter authentication and result uploading. He alleged that there was a reduction in APC results and an increase in PDP results. He acknowledged that PDP also complained about similar reductions in votes in various wards.

Habibu Ahmed Sarki, the APC collation agent for Ara 2 ward in Nasarawa LGA, admitted that the elections were conducted peacefully, except for discrepancies in the Aleyika polling unit’s results. However, the PDP lead counsel revealed a certified copy of the affected polling unit’s result from IREV, indicating that the witness had presented forged results.

Ibrahim Danlami Umar, representing Aza 2 unit of Kuto Aisa ward, testified that the BVAS Machine was used for accreditation and result upload. He reported peaceful elections, except for the Kwata Kuto 008 polling unit, where APC results were allegedly reduced. Cross-examination revealed that the witness had used a fake copy of results, and the original IREV results contradicted his claims.

Abdulkadir Adamu, the ward collation agent for Madakin Gari 1 Nasarawa North ward, stated that elections were peaceful except for discrepancies in some polling units. However, he acknowledged that BVAS Machine and IREV uploaded results were the most authentic. He clarified that APC did not file any petition against INEC for vote reductions.

Iduwa Sabo, representing Useni Odukpo polling unit of Agum ward, confirmed BVAS IREV’s use for accreditation and result uploads. He reported discrepancies in the Akpanga 2 polling unit’s results. Cross-examination revealed that the INEC ward collation officer might have been responsible for changes in the collation center.

Ibrahim Sabo Yahaya, representing Udege-Mbeki Odu ward, reported a reduction in APC results and an increase in PDP scores at Udege polling unit. Cross-examination revealed that he gathered information from various polling unit agents.

Kaika Aminu Egwa, the Returning Agent of APC for Etatu unit 006 in Udeni-Gida ward, attested to peaceful elections but acknowledged the reduction in APC scores. Cross-examination highlighted discrepancies in the captured polling unit agent’s information


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