Barr. Justin Iyoha
Esan Central LG

Recently, The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, said the process of seeking his successor ahead of the Governorship election in 2024 must reflect fairness, equity, and a sense of inclusion, as his administration’s focus is to finish strong. The Governor further stated “It is not in his place to now determine, appoint, or anoint any successor but all I know is that in the process of seeking my successor, there must be fairness, equity, and a sense of inclusion because our goal is to keep Edo as one”

The Governor also expressed his desire to “finish strong” and swear in a successor on November 11th, 2024, whereas he is not the Chief Judge who has the constitutional duty to swear in who will succeed him.

The most unfair, unjust, and unjust government that can be compared to the government of former President Buhari is the government tutoring Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State.

The unfairness of Governor Godwin Obaseki towards people in other local government areas of Edo State, aside from his own Oredo Local Government Council, has become a topic of concern and discussion among the citizens. The evidence is clear in the appointments made by the governor, where important positions in the state government are occupied by individuals from the Oredo Local Government Area.

The Secretary to the State Government, Chief of Staff to the Governor, Chief Judge of the State, Head of Service, Solicitor General, and Attorney General of the State are all from the Oredo Local Government Area in Benin City. This raises questions about the fairness and inclusiveness of the governor’s administration, as it seems to prioritize his area over others in the state.

Moreover, the governor’s neglect of other areas outside of Oredo has left places like Orhionmwon, Egor, Ovia North East and Ovia South West, Edo Central, and Edo North Local Government Areas without government presence and development. This lack of attention to the overall development of the state is a clear indication of the unfairness experienced by citizens residing in these areas.

Additionally, the governor’s focus on building developments exclusively in Oredo further highlights the imbalance in development across the state. While the governor may argue that his area of origin requires more attention, it is crucial to remember that all citizens of Edo State deserve fair and equal treatment when it comes to the provision of infrastructure and development.

The recent actions and body language of the governor also suggest that he intends to hand over power to an Esan man. While this might seem commendable, it is essential to ensure that the choice is not forced upon the people. A fair and inclusive process would involve allowing the entire Esan population to have a say in selecting their candidate, rather than imposing one on them.

Governor Obaseki must look towards the examples set by his predecessor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, who demonstrated fairness and inclusivity during his tenure. In Oshiomhole’s administration to be specific, Patrick Obahiagbon replaced Osarodion Ogie as the chief of staff. MR. Jerry Obazele, the Head of Service of the State was replaced by Mrs. Gladys Idahor, Hon. Justice Cromwell Osamwonyi Idahosa was the chief judge. Barr. Henry Idahagbon was the state Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice. None of the above was from Edo North where Governor Adams Oshiomhole hailed from. This fairness was further demonstrated when Oshiomhole handed over power to a Benin man, who is now Governor Obaseki.

If the Esan people desire a governor, it is crucial that the choice comes from them or the greater Edo people, allowing them to decide and present a candidate from any party. It is not fair or just for Governor Obaseki to play the role of a godfather, by presenting or clandestinely sponsoring Barr. ASUE IGHODALO another investment banker in Lagos who is more of Yoruba extraction than Esan. Governor Obaseki’s deceit goes against the principles he once condemned.

Governor Obaseki should prioritize and practice fairness, inclusivity, and the overall development of Edo State, rather than favoring his locality. The citizens of Edo State deserve equal representation and opportunities for growth and development in all areas of the state


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