…accuses former Governor of using son to control CBN budget

The Middle-Belt Patriotic Congress (MBPC) has alerted Nigerians to an alleged plot by former Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, to manipulate the Central Bank of Nigeria into funding his presidential ambition. 

The group, which made this known at a press conference on Sunday in Abuja, said El-Rufai is already buying northern leaders in his destabilization agenda against President Bola Tinubu’s government.

In his address, the convener of the group, Garuba Jacob, said that Bello Mohammed El-Rufai who is the Chairman of the House Committee on Banking Regulations is part of the grand scheme to finance his father’s ambition by manipulating the CBN. 

The statement said: “We have noted that el-Rufai, being who he is, has perfected the funding plan for his questionable enterprise, which he is hiding under his venture capital/private equity firm, Afri-Venture Capital Company Limited, will begin operations in 2024, with $100 million, that is more than N100 billion that he is deploying for inducing the youth, mostly Muslim youths as part of a plot for further disenfranchise the Christian population. We understand that the youths are being mobilized under the guise of grooming them for enterprise, but they will be later corralled into being willing tools for protests that will ground the country at el-Rufai’s behest.

“Gentlemen of the press, it is at this point that Nigerians should ask how the venture capital firm is getting its $100 million funds. The answer is right before our eyes. His son, Hon. Bello Mohammed El-Rufai is the Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Banking Regulations. The position places him in a vantage position to manipulate the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) funds to finance his father’s ambition. It also gives him the leverage to coerce financial institutions to put money in the venture capital firm not minding the glaring conflict of interests.

“In this aspect, we blame the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Right Honorable Tajudeen Abbas for assigning such a powerful and strategic Committee to a member whose family has a long tradition of genocidal anti-Christian and anti-non-Fulani utterances and actions. The Middle Belt Patriotic Congress [MBPC] hereby calls on the Speaker to undo the damage that el-Rufai’s leadership of the House Committee on Banking Regulations is causing the country. It is wrong to put the nation’s well-being in the hands of a family that has shown they hate others in the country.

“The younger el-Rufai’s occupation of that office is nothing but his father having a continuous hold on Nigeria’s commonwealth through a strangling control of the CBN. This control of the CBN is already hurting the economy, which leaves us in fear of what will happen when he unleashes his agenda to forcefully become the president in the 2027 Presidential Election.”

The group, therefore, urged northern elders, including former President Muhammadu Buhari and General Ibrahim Babangida o be wary of further granting el-Rufai audience in the interest of Nigeria’s stability. 

The statement added: “They must carefully weigh the implications of enabling a man who had openly endorsed Fulani reprisals for perceived wrongs done to his ethnic stock and has also vowed Islamic domination of Nigeria because we know that his fanatical views do not reflect the values held by esteemed leaders in the north.

“MBPC advises President Tinubu to take the necessary precautions to ward off el-Rufai’s plot to destabilize his government and the threats constituted to Nigeria by his estranged associate. The President must particularly watch out for contrived security and economic crises, being strategies that el-Rufai had in the past devised to undermine the government at the center whenever he is at loggerheads with the nation’s number one citizen.

“Additionally, we urge our law enforcement agencies, the ones with the jurisdiction, to urgently investigate and review el-Rufai’s activities while he was abroad, particularly as they relate to the networks he maintained while outside the shores of this country and financial transactions around his person, family, and associates since a lot learned about his destabilization plot by following the money.”


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