The Nigerian Army and other security agencies deserve massive commendation for what it described as near-perfect election in Bayelsa State, according to the Centre for Democracy and Change (CDC).

At a press conference on Saturday in Yenegoa, the group of election observers stated that rather than vilify the Army and other security agencies as done by Governor Seriake Dickson, our gallant troops and other security agencies should be applauded for again rising to the occasion.

The outgoing governor had called for the cancellation of the election even before the exercise fully commenced, insinuating that the security agencies are conniving with the All Progressives Congress.

However, in response, the Centre for Democracy and Change accused Mr Dickson of plots to truncate the election meant to produce his successor.

In a statement by Executive Director, Gbenga Badamosi, the CDC disclosed that Mr Dickson and his likes would have had a field day if not for the brave soldiers on ground to support the police and other security agencies.

While calling him to order, CDC, however, apprised the governor that he will be held criminally liable for any breach of the peace in his state.

Read full statement:

The Centre for Democracy and Change (CDC) is alarmed at the plot by the outgoing Governor of Bayelsa state, Mr. Seriake Dickson to truncate the election that is meant to produce his successor.

Mr. Dickson has taken the unprecedented step of a governor calling for the cancellation of an election even before voting was properly underway. The instances and incidents he is latching onto to make this questionable call have been proven as being blown out of proportion, which raises the question of his motives for attempting to deny Bayelsans of their franchise when they have used the same instrumentality to keep him office for almost eight years.

Part of the justification for this treacherous call by Mr. Dickson is the lumping together of militias with the Nigerian Army and the Nigeria Police Force, something that has exposed the desperation on his part to have his party’s candidate win the election, possibly in order to install a lackey that will cover his tracks for whatever unacceptable acts he might have committed in his eight-year rule.

CDC elections observers are on ground in Bayelsa state and at no time did we witness the incidents that the Governor claimed to have occurred. Remarkably, neither local nor foreign observers have made any comment as to the conduct of the election along the line that Mr. Dickson did.

We are concerned that he made these indicting comments to provoke the army and other security agencies to abandon the electorates to his militias that have been paid to disrupt the vote. There have also been reports that the so-called army and police personnel are the militias that the governor procured fake uniforms for in order to use them for the agenda that he has now fully activated.

CDC is aware that the presence of legitimately deployed Army and other security personnel is the saving grace in Bayelsa at this electioneering moment as thugs loyal to politicians had made up their minds to destroy our democracy by sabotaging the governorship election.

We consequently call Mr. Seriake Dickson to order even as we warn that he shall be held criminally liable for any breach of the peace in Bayelsa state arising from his incitement of the populace against military and security personnel on election duty.

It does not matter whether his party or another political party wins the election because CDC will take this matter up when his immunity expires with his tenure as what he has done is capable of triggering a genocide.


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