The Centre for Africa Liberation and Socio-Economic Rights (CALSER) has raised an alarm over a purported plan to tinker with the local government and chieftaincy affairs law in Kano State to favour the deposed Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. 

The Centre, at a press conference on Wednesday, also alleged that some elements are taking illegal means to reverse this law not minding the consequences for the stability of the state. 

In his address, the executive director Dr. Amodu Ben said some members of the state assembly are being induced and coerced into entertaining this dangerous plot.

Ben further said that the end game is to have Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf speedily assent to this controversial amendment and hurriedly reinstate Sanusi. 

“At CALSER, we have multiple concerns. First, what becomes of the current emirs of Rano, Karaye, Bichi, and Gaya, whose deposition the hatchers of this plot are indirectly calling for? It is on record that there is no infraction found against any of them, so the promoters of this plot have to honestly answer this question,” he added. 

“They also have to explain how the government should manage the outrage and protests that will come from the subjects of these emirs as they have become accustomed to the leadership they provide.

“We also think that hatching and attempting to implement a dangerous plan of this nature is uncalled for at a time when the depressed economy and cost of living crisis have already primed major cities across the country for implosion and explosion with citizens looking for the slightest excuses to start protesting, which is most likely to turn violent given the level of economic pressure that people are under.

“It is most unfortunate that Lamido Sanusi, encouraged by the Kano State Governor and some members of the Kano State House of Assembly, is attempting to tap into this populist anger in his bid to clinch back a position he lost under a different administration that followed due process to remove him.”

The Centre, therefore, warned “Sanusi that while he is free to set his home state on fire the rest of Nigeria does not want to be caught in the conflagration that will result from this evil enterprise.”

Been added: “He needs to advise himself correctly that this is not the same as grandstanding with populist comments and interventions in the media, taking the steps to physically implement a comeback is a charade that will cost lives and unleash destruction beyond his anticipation.

“We equally urge Governor Abba Yusuf that there is still time to retrace his steps and not deliberately plunge the state into crisis. Our most profound message to the Governor is that there is a limit to politicking – the hostile reaction to his unpopular demolition of structures and the knife edge on which the state walked the height of the election petition tribunal and court rulings would be child’s play compared to the inferno he is stoking by agreeing to this misadventure of plotting to merge emirates and reinstate a deposed emir. 

“The governor must understand and acknowledge the dangers of mixing politics and the traditional institution as this is a sure recipe for destroying this institution that has provided stability for the society in this part of the country.”


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