Employees at the Dangote Sugar Refinery in Nasarawa State have taken to the streets to protest against what they claim as neglect and non-payment of salaries for over eight and a half months. The dramatic demonstration, fueled by mounting frustration, underscores deep-seated grievances within the workforce.

Recall that a viral video circulating on various social media platforms depicted the fervent protest of Dangote Sugar Refinery workers from Tunga, Nasarawa State, brandishing placards bearing messages revealing their plight of salary arrears and dire working conditions.

Expressing the anguish felt by the workforce, one employee, speaking on condition of anonymity, bemoaned their predicament, stating, “We are employed but have been kept idle for months, with no salaries forthcoming. We are suffering here; we want Dangote to hear us. We have not received payment for six months and nine weeks.”

Amidst the uproar, concerns have arisen from sources within the refinery’s premises regarding the absence of sugar-related activities despite the continuous influx of trailer trucks entering and exiting the facility.

Allegations have surfaced suggesting that these trucks may be transporting solid minerals or involved in mining activities, casting doubts on the refinery’s core operations.

The disgruntled workers are urging the management of Dangote Sugar Refinery to take immediate action by dismissing the current director overseeing the company. Additionally, they demand the prompt settlement of their overdue salaries and advocate for the removal of the Director responsible for the farm.

“We will not engage in any dialogue with the current director due to a lack of trust. He should be relieved of his duties,” remarked one protester.

Another demonstrator cautioned the public not to underestimate the gravity of the protest, warning that if left unaddressed, the situation could escalate to resemble the crimes witnessed in other northern states.

As tensions escalate and grievances deepen, stakeholders eagerly anticipate a resolution to the impasse, aspiring for a swift and amicable conclusion that addresses the concerns of the affected workers while reinstating confidence in the operations of the Dangote Sugar Refinery in Nasarawa State.


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