By Sunday Attah

Obianuju Catherine Udeh, also known as DJ switch indeed attempted to steal the limelight when she purportedly live-streamed the incident that took place at the Lekki Tollgate some days back. I recall that she became the reference point wherein she alleged that over 78 people were killed. And as usual, the whole country went to town with this number alleging massacre, genocide against the youths and all manners of words were used to describe the Nigerian Army.

I had suspected the mischief in DJ Switch all along but lacked the facts to prove my point due to the sensationalisation of the whole event. But my time came when she recently came out to clarify issues and this time around introducing another twist.

DJ Switch has all of a sudden switched the number of people that were massacred from 78 to 15, as a fact, she stated that there was a young boy that indeed shielded her from the bullets of the soldiers and he dropped dead.

DJ Switch, in her recent outing, was a bag of contradiction and unintelligence so much so that I wondered how she was able to make a fool of the whole country and still has the nerves to further insult our sensibilities by claiming that aside from the soldiers that were at the Lekki Tollgate, there were also about 45 SARS operatives that came and were shooting at peaceful protesters.

She also stated that they carried the corpses of those that were killed and gave them to the soldiers who loaded them into their vans and drove away. I am indeed speechless because this movie that DJ Switch produced would go down in history as the movie with the highest subscription.

As a start, there was pandemonium and people were running for safety after the lights went off. There were gunshots in the air, and all others scampered for safety except the lead actor in the movie, DJ Switch whose role at the time was to be counting the number of dead bodies before her battery went dead.

It is also assumed that she has some supernatural protection that made her dust the bullets that were fired into the crowd and felling people and she was counting. And the climax of it all is the fact that she was so brave amid pandemonium to lift dead bodies to where the trucks of the soldiers were, which they eventually loaded into their trucks and zoomed off.

Again, these people that were killed are aliens that dropped from the sky with no relations or family. I also suppose Eniola Badmus was also amongst those that were dead before she resurrected.

I do think that the overarching aim was to score cheap popularity, not minding the consequences of her actions. What DJ Switch succeeded in doing was fooling everyone with fake news. I am constrained to add that probably she was amongst those conscripted by those powerful forces against Nigeria to heat the polity with falsehood, which they succeeded in doing hence the outpour of emotions from wide and far, including outside the shores of Nigeria.

This action by DJ Switch is not only despicable, it is also worse than genocide because for somebody to deliberately spread lies that is capable of setting the country ablaze and she sees no qualms with it is indicative of a motive that is worse than genocide.

We must also remember how. Radio-Télévision Libre des Mille Collines (RTLM), One Thousand Hills Free Radio, incited the genocide that claimed over eight hundred thousand lives during a hundred days in 1994. I would assume that was the model DJ Switch and her sponsors wanted to adopt in Nigeria because if that wasn’t the case, how could one be able to do live streaming if indeed bullets were being fired into the crowd.

In my opinion, that was meant to spark an ethno-religious conflict in Nigeria because the overarching aim was to paint a picture of the victims as from a particular ethnicity in Nigeria and this would lead to reprisal attacks across the country.

DJ Switch indeed has to apologise to Nigerians for selling her soul to the demon in return for a plate of porridge. Not just that she also has a moral burden to tell Nigerians why she elected to spread falsehood and who her sponsors are. I think this is necessary to put the records straight.

I am afraid that the likes of DJ Switch dots the nook and cranny of Nigeria and are prowling looking for the perfect opportunity to instigate violence by spreading fake news. I think at the point, Nigerians do not need to look further for proponents of fake news because they are those who would take selfies during protests dramatising how they support a cause, but in truth, they are only acting the script of their paymasters.

The proponents of fake news are also those that would live stream events when the supposed bullets are flying around and bringing people down but them because they have the powers to dodge live bullets.

DJ Switch must as also realise that the blood of the innocent people that lost their lives as a result of her misdeeds would continue to haunt her and her paymasters. And this is what happens when people betray their God-given gender for anything else that pleases them, and when they know that evil has occupied them like a house.

Indeed the whole world was fooled by DJ Switch, whose primary mission was to cause a crisis of unimaginable proportion. I can bet that we shall soon hear from her again with regards to the number of dead persons she counted. Maybe this time, it would be 10 and no longer 15.

Attah is just trying make common sense from Abuja.


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