Gubernatorial aspirant and Deputy Governor of Edo State, Comrade Philip Shaibu, has responded to allegations that he betrayed Governor Obaseki after serving as his deputy in the 2016 and 2020 elections. Shaibu emphasized that he was convinced to become the deputy governor in 2016, and there were no objections to his appointment during that time.

While appearing on Arise TV’s flagship program “The Morning Show” on Wednesday, he dismissed the claims of his ineligibility to contest the election on the fact that he is from the same place as Oshiomhole, as a tactic employed by the governor and his supporters to divert attention from the real issues of the upcoming election. He stressed that the people of Edo State are not interested in experimentation but instead want a candidate who is accessible and action-oriented from the start. Shaibu highlighted his close connection with the people and clarified that his relationship with Oshiomhole’s clan is not the focus; rather, it is his qualifications and offerings. He also mentioned that the PDP has not previously awarded its ticket to someone from Edo North, yet this has not hindered others from the same region from participating in the race.

In regards to the purported meeting at Chief Mike Oghiadomhe’s house where an aspirant was endorsed, Shaibu acknowledged his respect for him but clarified that the gathering consisted of mutual friends as Chief Ogiadomhe did not have the authority to convene a PDP meeting. He also dismissed the significance of those present, noting that they were individuals who consistently lost elections in recent times, thus rendering their meeting irrelevant to his campaign.

Regarding the recent actions taken by the governor against him, Shaibu expressed feeling betrayed as he played a significant role in Obaseki’s electoral victories in both elections. He claimed to have contributed politically and financially to the campaigns, providing vehicles and even falling victim to fraud during the electoral process. Consequently, Shaibu estimated that he lost approximately 20% of his political capital in Edo North due to his support for the governor in 2020.

Disputing allegations of betrayal against Comrade Oshiomhole, Shaibu contended that such claims demonstrated a lack of political insight. He asserted that his disagreement with Oshiomhole was part of their agreement to combat godfatherism in Edo State. Shaibu clarified that Oshiomhole did not make him politically but rather supported his appointment as deputy governor. Furthermore, Shaibu asserted that he was instrumental in convincing Oshiomhole to join politics in Edo State, having established the initial structure for his gubernatorial campaign.

Shaibu emphasized that the election should not revolve around Edo Central alone, as he aimed to transcend ethnic politics and focus on propelling the state’s development. He outlined his plans for infrastructural advancement, including investment in rail lines and road improvements to stimulate the state’s GDP growth. Additionally, Shaibu pledged to drive agricultural development and create over 300,000 jobs in the sports sector. He also vowed to revitalize the industrial park to ensure sustained economic progress in Edo.

Addressing the concern of outsiders becoming governor, Shaibu underscored the desire of the people for someone familiar with their needs and experiences. He emphasized that his involvement in the system has equipped him to tackle the challenges facing Edo. Shaibu promised not to appoint Special Advisers younger than himself but assured that his commissioners would be younger, as energy was crucial for effective governance and seamless succession planning.

Shaibu emphatically stated that he would not utilize public funds for private infrastructure projects, emphasizing his commitment to ethical governance.

Regarding funding for his campaign following the withdrawal of allocations to his office, Shaibu expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support and goodwill he has received from the people of Edo State. He expressed confidence that his campaign has gained momentum and that the electorate desires positive change, which he believes he can deliver.


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