A 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom bungalow were handed over to Ayo Momodu and Jonathan Orukpe respectively on Tuesday, 12th December 2023, at Ute, Umagbae South, Uhunmwonde LGA.

Jonathan Orukpe, an indigene of Ewohimi, Esan, Edo Central has been an integral part of the Edo State Deputy Governor’s journey since 2007, fostering a professional relationship that spans over a decade. This enduring connection culminated in a remarkable display of appreciation, as the Deputy Governor today commissioned a distinguishingly furnished 4-bedroom bungalow with courtyards for Jonathan.

This generous act is not an isolated incident but rather part of a pattern showcasing the Deputy Governor’s commitment to nurturing bonds. A poignant example is the previous construction and inauguration of an equivalent bungalow for the late Monday Osaigbovho, the Deputy Governor’s erstwhile driver while he was the majority leader in Edo State House of Assembly. Monday was from Uromi, Edo Central but retired in 2015 and died some years later. Monday’s service is being remembered and honored posthumously yearly by the Deputy Governor.

The spirit of recognizing and valuing the contributions of long-serving staff members extends further. Ayo Momodu, a driver who has been part of the Deputy Governor’s team since 2007, received a parallel gesture with the construction, furnished, and commissioning of a comparable bungalow in Axis in Benin. Ayo is a native of South Ibie in Etsako West LGA of Edo North.

These actions underscore not only the Deputy Governor’s appreciation for enduring relationships but also emphasize the significance he places on the contributions of individuals at all levels of his team. It is a testament to the understanding of the importance of workers across various roles and cadres in the administration. This commitment to loyalty, even beyond active service, reflects the Deputy Governor’s ethos of keeping and valuing relationships, making it a noteworthy and commendable aspect of his leadership.


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