A prominent civil society group, APC Professionals Renaissance Group has lambasted Mr. Dele Alake, Special Adviser -Media, Communication, Strategy and Special Duties to President Bola Tinubu for describing the ministerial list that trended in the social media as fabricated by journalists in order to sell their newspapers. In a press statement made available to journalists in Abuja by the National Coordinator, Malam Abubakar Mu’azu Matazu, the group noted that Dele Alake is over- reaching himself and making enemies for President Bola Tinubu, who is toiling day and night to consolidate the gains of his administration. Speaking further, the group opined that Dele Alake ‘s vituperations is the aftermath of his corrupt quest to manipulate the President to his(Dele Alake’s cronies) as ministers after allegedly collecting kickbacks from them with the assurance that they will scale through as ministerial nominees. If not, why the foul cry and unnecessary noise when there are none. He should be advised to stay true to the dictates of his office instead of dabbling into issues beyond his brief.

“Alake has displayed in a most brazen the lack of regards for the great Nigerian Patriots and honest supporters of President Bola Tinubu mentioned in the original list criticized by him”.

In the same vein, the APC group stated that Dele Alake is an outsider who never contributed anything tangible to the victory of Senator Bola Tinubu either during the primaries or the larger hotly contested Presidential elections. The professionals posited that Nigerians knows the grassroot people and loyal party faithfuls that truly delivered votes to President Tinubu in Ekiti state and other parts of the country and therefore warned Alake to be mindful of his unguided unterrances.

They berated Alake whom they described as in his characteristic manner refused to acknowledge the sacrifices made by those contained in the Ministerial list in other to downplay the tendency for their Ministerial capacity.

According to them “Alake is playing a dangerous capable of diminishing the support base of Asiwaju across the country because the people mentioned in the leaked documents supported the President during the campaign with their own resources without getting a dime from the campaign office and the party”.

“We know the characters that benefited financially during the presidencial campaign without sacrificing anything and failed to render voluntary services. Certainly, Alake was among the few that milked PBAT during the period and blocked genuine people from gaining access to the him for free services. In fact, during the primaries he was busy taking care of himself in America. He also came trying to rubbish the foot soldiers he met on ground and he is trying to discredit their legitimate Ministerial aspirations having already concluded the battle with President Tinubu in the trenches”.

They accused Alake of being selfish and greedy for hijacking an amorphous titles of Special Adviser on Media, Strategy and Special Duties to the detriment of others that sacrificed so much during the stuggle. “Sadly, the ranting of Alake is generating bad blood within the cadres of the party across the landscape thereby demoralizing true lovers of President Tinubu devoid of the misplaced Lagos sense ownership mentality”.

“The utterances of Alake are unwarranted, mischievous, dubious and self serving capable of undermining our continued support to the fledgling administration”.

“Alake’s reckless statement on the raging Ministerial list is unbecoming of supposedly someone versed in strategy and public communication management”.

They urged President Tinubu to rein in on Dele Alake as he is usurping the duties of the Secretary to the Government and Chief of Staff to the President. Continuing, the pro- Tinubu campaign group appealed to the President to immediately constitute his cabinet so as not to provide cannon fodder for Dele Alake and his cohorts as they are cashing out from the present scenario where he is currently arrogating to himself the alpha and omiga of the administration. Also to prevent him from adding more fuel to the raging battle for Ministerial slot across the political field as all his photo ops are deliberately orchestrated to position himself as one -man cabal in the presidency.


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