The Centre for Social Justice, Equity and Transparency (CESJET) has given a pass mark to Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai and his gallant troops in the war against terrorism.

According to the group, the Army chief has surpassed expectations despite obvious plots from desperate politicians and their collaborators to undermine the gains.

In a statement signed by Executive Secretary, Isaac Ikpa, the Centre said it is pleased by the COAS, his troops and President Muhammadu Buhari for ridding the country of insurgents and other criminal elements.

CESJET recalled how Nigerians lost hope in the Northeast devastated by years of Boko Haram insurgency and how this terror activities extended to the nation’s capital, Abuja.

It added that Nigerians least suspected that Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky’s religious extremists- Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), ethnic warlords in the guise of separatism in the Southeast or militancy in the Niger Delta would give Nigeria a break.

The group, however, urged Nigerians to support the Army chief to continue its ultimate of restoring total peace and tranquillity in the land.

Read full statement below:

We thank Almighty God for the protection of Nigeria, as we welcome members of the press to this media chat and, Nigerians to a new and promising month of February 2020.

Centre for Social Justice, Equity and Transparency (CESJET) is generously captivated to appreciate our Heavenly Creator for the gift and resilience of Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai for holding forth at this checkered time in our history.

In all fairness, Nigerians can testify that there has never been a time in our collective history as a nation is the country troubled by instigated multi-dimensional security breaches like now. It is enthused by assorted armed criminalities, reckless deaths, agonies and sorrows visited on the citizenry.

But we appreciate God for equally enthroning an Army Chief who is competent, trusted, resilient and fortified like Lt. Gen. Buratai. The President has proved himself as the leader Nigeria truly deserves by diminishing the blazing swords of destructive forces against the nation-state. You have earned our eulogies Mr. President for this wonderful job!

Permit us to recount that President Buhari is one Nigerian leader extremely provoked by perennial power monks and hawkers in the country. The assemblage of elites who have lost out of the favor of power from the masses, quite unacceptably have elevated personal feuds and disgruntlements to state craft by veiled violent expression of grievances.

Worse still, such self-serving renegades of the Nigerian project have coated such aberrational acts on aisles and tenors that are very objectionable, repulsive and un-patriotic. If unrestricted by all of us, it has the dire consequences of piecing the intended knife of discord on our unity, peace and progress.

CESJET is aware of the plots in secret places by these infinitely unappeasable elements, who have continued to foment crises, attacks and killings in different parts of the country. These are orchestrations they back-up with a litany of lethal propaganda to undermine or dwarf the track records of the COAS on security to serve their egoistic instincts of devilry.

These reprobate leaders have refused to see the impact Lt. Gen Buratai has recorded on hitherto consuming and nerve-cracking insecurities in the country, ranging from Boko Haram/ISWAP, armed banditry, violent separatists’ agitations, religious extremism, kidnapping, herders/famers clashes and other crimes against the Nigerian people. And we assure you that, such perverse and prejudiced minds can nerve see or spot the difference even with the aid of extra binoculars or halogen bulbs.

The Army Chief resolutely confronted the hydra-headed monster of bile and endemic insecurities in the land from the outset of his administration.

The Service and Security Chiefs (SSCs), the DSS, the Police and other sister security agencies in Nigeria’s security framework have added immense value to the security re-engineering, re-ordering and new face of Nigeria. They have collectively and sedulously worked to pull back Nigeria from the brink of total collapse of security sanity.

CESJET commends Lt. Gen Buratai on his stewardship and the efforts of his anointed top-class security goons superintending on the security of the nation. Over the years, they have seamlessly paired up with all relevant stakeholders’ in the security ether of the country. We are proud, SSCs have ingrained excellent marks on security challenges in every nook and cranny of Nigeria.

The signs are profound in the taming of the monstrous tide of insecurities which previously tormented Nigerians in the country. And added, the visible respite Nigerians now savour from the North to the Southern parts of the country have attested loudly.

CESJET fondly recalls like millions of others, who lost hope that Nigerians in the Northeast devastated by years of Boko Haram insurgency would one day return back to ruined communities, but it is settled reality now; or IDPs from the region would resettle and rebuild from the debris of destructions; neither did Nigerians ever thought that there would come a time soon when 18 or more LGAs in the Northeast would be reclaimed and liberated from Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists and over 20, 000 Nigerians held hostage by insurgents would regain their freedom and be reunited with their families.

No Nigerian ever imagined the blissful tidings that Abuja and cities in the Northern parts of the country would be insulate from Boko Haram bomb blasts; its incredulous to know that the high-wired tempo of herdsmen/farmers would vanish especially in Benue, Plateau and Taraba states in North central Nigeria. No one believed that billionaire Kidnapper kingpins like alias “Evans” or Wadume and lots more with unbreakable connections in the corridors of power would either by facing trial or sentenced to jail today.

Nigerians least suspected that Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky’s religious extremists- Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), ethnic warlords in the guise of separatism in the Southeast or militancy in the Niger Delta would give Nigeria a break from mindless violence and killings nor the armed bandits in the Northwest, especially in Zamfara/Katsina states would renounce bloodshed and embrace peace as decent people.

And quite delightfully also, the COAS has doused the tension in the country incited by recent resurgence of these criminalities in parts of Nigeria, through retooling and motivating the Nigerian Military/ other security agencies to match them strength for strength from their hideouts. And news from the trenches speaks of massive naturalization of the forces of evil amassed against Nigeria in humiliating defeats.

CESJET therefore, conscientiously prick the omnibus of all CSOs, CBOs and NGOs domiciled in the country to henceforth key into this agenda by designing and fronting their activities in a manner that unpretentiously curry support to the security agencies and the administration of President Buhari. The war against enemies of Nigeria is collective and all of us must bring out any arsenal in his kitty to kill the infectious fly of insecurity in Nigeria to the anger of the sponsors.

Thank you all and journey mercies.


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