Centre for Peace, Transparency and Accountability has responded to allegations against the National Lottery Trust Fund (NLTF) by the House of Representatives Committee on Finance for The Internally Generated Revenue

The Executive Director, Centre for Peace, Transparency and Accountability, Comrade Patrick Ogheneyero, reacted while offering clarifications during a press briefing on Thursday in Abuja.

Recall that recently, a committee in the House of Representatives on finance levied accusations against (NLTF) concerning alleged irregularities in financial spending.

Ogheneyero, clarifying, stated that these claims centred on the agency’s purported failure to account for N6 billion (IGR) in 2022 and unauthorized spending of N2.0 billion in 2023.

He said that the actions of NLTF are legally grounded and aligned with the mandate established by law.

Ogheneyero said these projects span various crucial sectors, including sports development, education, social services, public welfare, and disaster management.

Ogheneyero said the agency highlights the oversight and approval process involving the president and the board of trustees in project selection, underlining the legitimacy of their endeavors.

“The NLTF refers to the Act that formed it, particularly highlighting section 40, which grants the Fund the authority to utilize its IGR for projects aimed at enhancing the lives and welfare of Nigerian citizens

“Critically, the NLTF emphasizes that all its actions are in accordance with legal provisions and the Act’s guidelines, making its spending justifiable and directed towards the betterment of the Nigerian populace.

“Moreover, concerns are raised about the house committee’s lack of thorough understanding of the NLTF’s legal framework before making accusations,” he said

He said the center for peace, transparency, and accountability has stepped in, advocating for a fair and informed approach to this issue.

Ogheneyero advocated for the committee to revisit the Act that established the NLTF and consider amending provisions to clarify the fund’s spending authority.

He urged the committee to conduct a comprehensive investigation into whether the NLTF’s spending aligns with the areas outlined in the Act, ensuring adherence to established guidelines.

He highlighted that a significant portion of NLTF’s capital appropriations are directed towards construction and other intervention projects, notably those associated with members of the national assembly.


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