Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has shared her perspective on marriage, emphasizing that she is content in her relationship with partner Paulo Okoye, also known as Paulo, despite not being married. The actress referred to marriage as “overrated” and highlighted that her partner shares the same sentiment.

Speaking on her TV show, Iyabo Ojo TV, with veteran singer Charly Boy as a guest, the actress expressed her satisfaction with the current status of her relationship. She mentioned that both she and Paulo don’t believe in the traditional institution of marriage.

Charly Boy, agreeing with Ojo, shared a conversation with his son who suggested the idea of having a contract for a specified duration, suggesting a renewal option if both parties are happy. He acknowledged the changing dynamics of marriage, noting that contemporary marriages differ significantly from those of previous generations.

The conversation reflects evolving perspectives on relationships and marriage, with individuals reevaluating traditional norms and exploring alternative ways to structure their commitments.


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