….INEC presents more documents to Tribunal as required

The Nasarawa Governorship Election Tribunal witnesses pivotal testimonies from individuals alleging electoral mishandling. Petitioners’ witnesses reveal that results from crucial Polling Units were excluded from the ward summary, leaving questions about the accuracy and fairness of the election process. The tribunal diligently assesses the evidence, holding the attention of the nation.

INEC presented supplementary documents to the tribunal as required by the subpoena issued earlier. The newly submitted documents consisted of certified true copies of Polling Unit results (forms EC8As) and voters’ registers from specific polling units won by the Petitioners. The tribunal admitted these documents into evidence and designated them as Exhibits.

The Petitioners’ case was bolstered by the testimonies of several key witnesses, whose accounts shed light on irregularities during the election process. One such witness, the Polling Unit Agent for Alwazan Polling Unit Code 009, stated that the election in his unit was won by the PDP, and the results were correctly uploaded on IReV. However, these results were inexplicably excluded from the corresponding Form EC8B for the Sabon Gari Ward in Doma Local Government Area (LGA).

The Petitioners’ ward collation Agent also provided vital testimony, confirming the exclusion of the Alwazan Mada Polling Unit Code 009 result from the Form EC8B, which was supposed to be the ward summary. According to him, this omission was a violation of the law.

Furthermore, the Petitioners’ Ashige Ward Collation Agent testified that the elections in 35 Polling Units in Ashige Ward were successfully won by the Petitioners. However, the entire ward’s results were astonishingly and unjustifiably canceled at the LGA Collation Centre. These results were not entered into the corresponding Form EC8C for Lafia LGA, as required by law, resulting in their unlawful exclusion from the Form EC8D in the overall vote computation for result declaration.

Each of the Petitioners’ witnesses identified various electoral forms and materials already presented as evidence, which they referenced in their witness depositions.

The tribunal adjourned proceedings for the day after hearing from the four witnesses. The next session is scheduled for Wednesday, July 26, 2023, when the hearing will resume.

This ongoing hearing at the Nasarawa Governorship Election Tribunal is being closely monitored by the public and stakeholders, as it has the potential to impact the outcome of the 2023 gubernatorial election in the state. The tribunal’s ruling on the matter will undoubtedly be crucial in determining the future leadership of Nasarawa State.


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