“… say there is no court order restraining Speaker Balarabe’s 14 members lead Assembly from sitting…”

The Nasarawa State Council of All Progressives Congress Stakeholders Forum, has demanded the arrest of Hon. Samuel Akala, the former Chairman of Karu Local Government, in order to ascertain the identity of the anonymous Chairman claiming to represent the All Progressives Congress stakeholders in the State.

Dr Kassim Muhammed Kassim the State Chairman, Council of APC Stakeholders Forum made the call in a Press Conference held in Lafia today.

According to Dr Kassim, We have noticed a string of press conferences held by this group, which is falsely using our name and forum for impersonation.

” I kindly request the apprehension of the Leader of the anonymous group responsible for perpetuating this Press conferences, as they continue to implicate the Governor unjustly., while their main mission is to create tribal and religious crises in the State.

” I challenge Hon Samuel Akala to come down to Lafia, the state capital to hold such malicious and mischievous press conference, and stop hidding in site light towns in Abuja to dish out press statement.

“I want to set the records straight that there is no group like Concerned Nasarawa APC Stakeholders known to any body in Nasarawa State, the only existing one known to everybody is the one headed by Dr Kassim, which is APC Stakeholders Forum.

” It is therefore inconceivable that any responsible and genuine APC stakeholder would endorse a proposed PDP Speakership candidate in an APC State like Nasarawa State as is done by the so-called APC Concern Stakeholders,” he said.

Hon Kassim said that the Concern APC Stakeholders was not recognize by either the party or the Government of Nasarawa State and they have no authority to speak on any issue in the state because, they are a faceless group.

” Their actions are solely aimed at causing unrest and defaming, and we urgently appeal for their apprehension, as there is no legitimate organization bearing that name in our State.

” It is essential to note that the alleged group, purportedly led by the aforementioned Concern APC stakeholders, comprises individuals who hold no official status or recognition in Nasarawa State. Their actions and statements should be regarded as nothing more than attempts to gain unwarranted attention and spread falsehoods.

Dr Kassim who is a former member of the Nasarawa State House of Assembly said that the appointment of the state chief judge to be the Amirul Hajj has nothing to do with politics as anybody can be appointed to coordinate all Muslims travelling to Hajj.

” Furthermore, we feel compelled to address the baseless accusations and slanderous assaults directed at the Chief Judge and our esteemed Governor, which are evidently motivated by personal agendas rather than genuine concerns.

” It is not only APC members that travel to Hajj, there are PDP, LP, SDP and APGA members who are currently in Hajj and the argument that the State Chief Judge is appointed Amirul Hajj to influence a judgement does not hold water and is an attempt to stop her from practicing her religion,” he said

He said that Hon Daniel Ogazi group has only 10 members while urging the public not to be misled by the group that they are 13 members in Ogazi group.

” Further more, it is equally important to draw the attention of members of the public that the Hon Daniel Ogazi group has only 10 members

“The speculation that they are 13 is mischievous and attempt to mislead the public, while Rt Hon. Ibrahim Balarabe’s team consists of 14 members,” he added

The forum chairman also said that the fake and faceless so called Concern APC Stakeholders seems to be confused, either by their sponsors

“Because there is a case coming up this month at the Federal High Court in Lafia, filed by Hon Daniel Ogazi’s team.

” Another case is also pending on October 12, filed by the same team at the Federal high court Abuja.

” In all the courts proceedings both in Lafia and Abuja, there is no order banning the Balarabe team of 14 members from sitting, the Nasarawa Assembly, the Government of Nasarawa State and the APC as a party have not received such order,” he said .

On the issue of salaries, Hon Kassim said there is no authority or law that says members who are not inaugurated should be paid salaries

“And as far as the law is concerned, the 10 members elect led by Daniel Ogazi are not inaugurated yet and will not be paid untill they present themselves for inauguration before they can start receiving salaries,” he added

The forum Chairman advised the 10 members elect to stop wasting their time and present themselves for inauguration.

He said that the forum under his leadership was recognized and well-known for various APC assignments and activities, including support during the campaign for Sen Abdullahi Adamu, “APC National Chairman” in the last APC National Convention and campaigns for APC as a Party in the last general elections.

” As a former lawmaker and Chairman of this Forum, I can confidently state that the current conflict in the State House of Assembly is primarily a struggle for leadership.

” It is important to note that this matter is unrelated to the Governor, as the House of Assembly functions as a distinct branch of the Government. Any attempts to tarnish the Governor’s reputation will not be tolerated,” Hon Kassim said

He said that Daniel Ogazi cannot and will not be speaker under the current administration because the house was properly inaugurated by the clerk and Balarabe was returned as Speaker and normal legislative activities have since been going on.

” The state is peaceful, and legislative activities are proceeding normally, contrary to the claims made by these faceless individuals.

” We urge the Hon Daniel Ogazi led team to accept defeat and return to the Assembly for their constituents, who voted them in for effective representation and not for a leadership struggle,” Kassim said.


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