From Leo Zwànke, Lafia

Community leaders in Nasarawa State have vehemently criticized Timadex Geomin Consult Limited for its recent publication in Punch newspaper, accusing the firm of making unfounded allegations against Governor A.A. Sule and the state government.

In a press statement signed by representatives from Kware (Amba) and Agaza (Igwo) communities in Kokona Local Government Area and sent to the Daily Sun on Thursday, the leaders clarified their stance. “The minerals in question, particularly lithium, were discovered in our peaceful communities,” stated Hon. Adamu Agye, Overseer of Agwada Development Area. He stressed the importance of government involvement for security and development.

Praising Governor Sule’s efforts, the leaders highlighted his role in coordinating and securing mining activities in the state. “We view the governor’s action as a necessary measure to prevent insecurity and illegal mining,” said HRH Abubakar S. Obagu, Osu Agwada. They confirmed that the communities had sought state intervention to protect themselves from illegal miners.

Contrary to Timadex’s claims, the community leaders asserted that no consent was given to the company by local authorities. “The two communities have no knowledge of any consent given to Timadex,” said Mr. Moyi Mathias, Village Head of Amba.

Expressing full support for the state government’s mining policies, the leaders praised the approval of Black Stones New Energy Limited and Black Gem New Energy Limited for their capacity to establish production and processing facilities. “We are fully in support of companies that bring development to our communities,” noted HRH Martins Kure Abashi, Sangarin Amba.

The community leaders disputed Timadex Geomin’s claims about corporate social responsibility efforts, calling them baseless. “There has been no corporate responsibility undertaken by Timadex in our communities,” asserted Hon. Owa Moses, Youth Leader of Agwada.

While welcoming indigenous mining companies, the leaders emphasized the need for proven capacity and integrity. “Any company must have an unquestionable mining history and capability to operate,” said Emmanuel B. Omale, Youth Leader of Agaza.

They called on relevant authorities to ensure only reputable companies receive licenses. “We urge the Minister of Solid Minerals Development and other agencies to grant licenses only to capable companies,” stated Usman K. E, District Head of Agwada.

Vowing to resist any attempts to support illegal mining, the leaders made their stance clear. “We will strictly resist any individuals or groups supporting illegal mining activities,” warned Sylvester Ngazi, District head of Amba.

The leaders however, appeal to the public to disregard Timadex Geomin’s accusation against governor Abdullahi Sule noting that claims are baseless aimed at tarnishing the good image of the governor.


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