…Enticing high profile political Leaders to commission local government projects

Stirring a wave of discontent among Nasarawa’s stakeholders, Governor Abdullahi Alhaji Sule’s recent attempts to salvage his political standing in the twilight of his term have drawn sharp criticism.

The governor’s desperate moves, including the orchestrated commissioning of local government projects by high-profile personalities, have triggered skepticism and raised questions about his intentions within the state’s political landscape.

Speaking on behalf of concerned stakeholders, Hasan Ibrahim, a prominent figure in Nasarawa, expressed deep concerns about Governor Sule’s consistent display of desperation.

“Governor Sule’s actions reek of desperation and an insatiable quest for political control,” Ibrahim emphasized during a conversation with journalists. “His manipulative tactics have been evident since his initial tenure, casting doubt on his governance approach and commitment to the people’s welfare.”

The stakeholders highlighted a series of allegedly coercive actions by Governor Sule to secure political advantage. Ibrahim shed light on these actions, citing instances where pensioners were reportedly coerced to pledge loyalty, civil servants were strategically utilized for political gains, and traditional rulers were allegedly pressured into influencing their communities’ voting decisions.

Governor Sule’s contested victory in the March 18th, 2023 Governorship poll against former House of Representatives member, Dr. David Emmanuel Ombugadu, remains a subject of dispute, further adding to the ongoing political turmoil in the state. Dr.

Ombugadu’s legal challenge against Sule and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) at the Supreme Court underscores the deep-seated dissatisfaction and distrust towards the current administration.

As the legal battle intensifies, Governor Sule’s recent maneuvers, including enticing high-ranking political figures like the Vice President, Sen. Kashim Shetima, and the National Chairman of the APC, Alhaji Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, to commission local government projects, have sparked controversy.

“These attempts to bolster his image through high-profile commissions merely reveal a facade meant to mask four years of lackluster governance,” Ibrahim asserted. “The hastily executed projects, strategically chosen for commissions, do not reflect the true state of development in Nasarawa.”

The stakeholders unequivocally called for fairness from the Supreme Court, urging a verdict that upholds the will of the people as expressed during the 2023 gubernatorial election. “Nasarawa deserves transparent and accountable leadership, not political theatrics,” Ibrahim concluded, echoing the collective sentiment of hope for a just resolution.

The unfolding drama in Nasarawa’s political arena accentuates the palpable tension and growing anticipation surrounding the impending verdict, leaving the fate of the state’s governance hanging in the balance.


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