Salisu Galadima, the Chairman of Basira FC and Nasarawa State Football Association (FA), finds himself under scrutiny following the implementation of the Nigerian Football Federation’s (NFF) newly introduced integrity strategy guidelines.

According to the guidelines, Galadima’s activities seemingly contravene points 6, 8, and 9. The stipulations specify that State FA Chairmen are prohibited from concurrently holding roles as Football Club Chairmen (6).

Additionally, State FA Chairmen who are also part of Football Club Boards must choose between their roles (6). Moreover, all football stakeholders, including State FA Chairmen, Club Chairmen, Officials, and Coaches, are directed to refrain from acting as intermediaries (8) such as Agents/Managers to players.

Galadima, known for his role as Basira FC’s chairman and owner, currently involved in the Nationwide League One NLO has come under further scrutiny due to his association as an agent to several players abroad. Notably, his representation includes Sunusi, a player plying his trade in the United States.

The directive is clear in its stance regarding dual roles within the football ecosystem and the potential conflicts of interest that may arise. It emphasizes the need for individuals in positions of authority to prioritize transparency and avoid engaging in activities that could compromise the integrity of the sport.

The NFF’s General Secretary has underscored the gravity of non-compliance, warning that any official failing to adhere to these guidelines would be summoned before the NFF Ethics Committee. This would be for breaching both the FIFA Code of Ethics and the NFF Integrity Strategy Guideline, suggesting potential consequences for those in contravention.


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