The 2023 Sun Man of the Year Awards ceremony witnessed the gathering of distinguished individuals from various spheres, celebrating their notable achievements and contributions to society.

The event, an annual tradition, aimed to recognize iconic figures, business leaders, traditional rulers, impact creators, industrialists, and entrepreneurs, among other categories.

His Royal Majesty, Ogiame Atuwatse III, received the prestigious Most Impactful Royal Father of 2023 award, presented by His Excellency, Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu State.

The organizers highlighted the exceptional qualities of Olu of Warri, attributing his recognition to his remarkable efforts in modernizing the institution of Olu of Warri, promoting peace, unity, and prosperity within the Kingdom. Notably, his initiative in hosting the Iwere Economic Summit, a groundbreaking event aimed at charting the future course of the Itsekiri nation, showcased his visionary leadership.

Furthermore, the Olu of Warri’s commitment to fostering harmonious relationships with neighboring kingdoms and traditional rulers has significantly contributed to peaceful coexistence among communities.

Representing the Olu of Warri at the prestigious event were Chief Gilbert Temisan Grant, popularly known as Agubusinbiro, the Agura Otiri of Warri Kingdom, Chief Mrs. Teresa Ikimi, the Ejumotan of Warri Kingdom, alongside other prominent chiefs.

The Sun Man of the Year Awards served as a platform to honor individuals who have made indelible marks on society, inspiring others to emulate their exemplary leadership and service to humanity.


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