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This is the moment of passion and strength, the moment of hopes and dreams.

On the evening of Sept. 23, the 19th Asian Games grandly opened in Hangzhou, east China’s Zhejiang province. On the autumnal equinox, a solar term on the Chinese lunar calendar symbolizing bumper harvest, athletes from across Asia gathered beside the West Lake, to write a brand-new chapter of peace, friendship and progress.

The Hangzhou Asian Games is the largest and highest-level international comprehensive sports event held in China after the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). It has attracted nationwide and global attention.

Hangzhou becomes the third city in China that host the Asian Games following Beijing and Guangzhou. Chinese President Xi Jinping said that the Chinese government and people have full confidence in hosting a splendid Asian Games in Hangzhou.

Hosting the Hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Para Games is a major event in the work of the CPC and China this year.

Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, Zhejiang province has adhered to the concept of “green,” “intelligent,” “frugal,” and “civilized” in organizing the Games since Hangzhou won the bid to host the Games. With an aim to deliver a streamlined, safe, and splendid event, it has made every effort to excel in all aspects of the preparatory work.

After 8 years of unremitting efforts, China has the confidence and ability to present to the world a wonderful sports event with Chinese characteristics and Asian styles.

Sport is an important symbol of social development and human progress, and a bond of friendship among people.

As the largest comprehensive sports event in Asia, the Asian Games promotes the spirit of sports, showcases the charm of Asia, and fosters friendship and solidarity. It continuously improves the level of competitive sports in the region and has become an important platform for Asian sports solidarity and cooperation.

The Chinese people have a great passion for sports and the Asian Games, and they have always been firm participants, active promoters, and important contributors to the Asian sports cause. The Asian Games has ignited the enthusiasm of the Chinese people to participate in sports and witnessed the sports achievements in China.

The number of participants in the Hangzhou Asian Games has reached a record high. The Hangzhou Asian Games is by far the Asiad with the most participants, most sports, and largest overall scale. It fully demonstrates the diversity and inclusiveness of Asian sports culture and will undoubtedly make a lasting impression in the history of the Asian Games, injecting new vitality into this important sports event.

The Asian Games is a stage for competitive sports and a platform for athletes to strive for new heights.

More than 12,000 athletes from 45 countries and regions in Asia are taking part in the Hangzhou Asiad. It is expected that athletes will respect and inspire each other, push their limits, showcase the charm of sports and achieve extraordinary accomplishments through passionate competitions.

China has sent a delegation of 1,329 members to participate in 407 events of 38 sports. They will vigorously promote the Olympic spirit and the Chinese sportsmanship, take on their responsibility, work hard to surpass themselves, and strive for glory for the country. It is believed that they can show the world the formidable strength of sports practice in pursuing Chinese modernization.

Today, changes of the world, of the times and of history are unfolding in ways never seen before. The building of a community with a shared future for mankind is the common aspiration of people from all countries.

As Xi said, “We need to continue developing and strengthening Asia, demonstrate Asia’s resilience, wisdom and strength,” and through efforts towards such a community for Asia, promote a community of common interest for all mankind.

The slogan of the Hangzhou Asian Games, “Heart to Heart, @Future,” aligns perfectly with the Olympic motto of “Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together.” It represents a profound vision of embracing the future and jointly building a community with a shared future for Asia and humanity.

From the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games with a theme called “Surging Tides,” to the torch, mascots, and medal designs that incorporate elements of Chinese traditional culture, and to other supporting activities, the Asian Games utilizes sports as a bridge to promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning.

This will undoubtedly open new prospects for cultural exchanges, cultural integration, and people-to-people bonds in Asia. It will inject profound and lasting cultural strength into the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Tonight, the light of civilization from the Liangzhu ancient city lighted the torch of Asian solidarity, and the time-honored Chinese civilization and the passionate sporting event shined on each other. Let dreams be the sail and struggle the oar, to paint a new picture for the Asian Games together and create a better future for Asia together.

Wish the 19th Asian Games every success!


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