According to a detailed investigation, it has revealed that the prolonged war against terrorism in Nigeria is a result of the activities of groups like Amnesty International, the Human Rights Watch and other International Non-Governmental Organizations operating in Nigeria.

According to sensitive information gathered, the likes of Amnesty International have been covertly working for a syndicate terror network that specializes in festering conflicts in most African countries with huge mineral and economic resources to have easy access to these resources for sale to a ready market for illicit goods in some European countries.

According to an insider who pleaded anonymity for fear of the consequences, stated that the syndicate group consists of crude oil dealers and arms manufacturers looking for a market for their goods.

“The case of Nigeria is a peculiar one in the sense that an arms manufacturing company has been in the business of selling arms to both the Nigerian Government and as well as the Boko Haram group. They know that should the war come to an end, they would be out of business and as such they entered into a strategic alliance with the likes of Amnesty International and other perceived human rights groups operating in Nigeria to continue to distract the Nigerian Military whenever there seem to be making gains in the war.”

“If you must have noticed that Amnesty International has been laying all sorts of accusations against the Nigerian Military, accusing it of human rights violations. In truth, these accusations are often baseless but a strategy to distract in order for the Boko Haram group to regroup and launch further attacks in Nigeria.”

The source further added that the meeting that sealed the deal concerning the Boko Haram conflict was held in France where representatives of Amnesty International and the syndicate group met and terms were agreed.

“After the meeting, the mandate that was handed over to Amnesty International was to secure the buy-in of INGOs of like minds in Nigeria to continuously issue reports and statements indicting the Nigerian Military for gross human rights abuses in the persecution of the Boko Haram war.”

In a similar vein, according to documents seen, there were a series of email exchanges between Amnesty International and the syndicate group indicating how the plot was to be hatched in phases. In a mail that originated from a destination in France under the heading “research proposal” it was stated that the situation in North-East Nigeria calls for concern with regards to the prosecution of the Boko Haram war.

“This research proposal is as a follow-up of earlier meeting and discussions. The situation in North-East Nigeria calls for concern. The subjects are threatened extinct on the fringes of the Lake Chad Basin region with little or no room for escape or advancement. Hundreds have been killed, and this calls for concern. There should be a concerted effort to turn the tide ASAP.”

In response to the mail that was copied to Amnesty International regional office in Africa consisting of Dakar, Nairobi and Johannesburg, it stated that efforts are ongoing to turn the tide with the enlistment of critical operators in the theatre of operations.

“The research is well underway. Monies have been disbursed accordingly to participating entities, including some select media organizations to amplify the discourse. We are challenged with restrictions to access to some key participants; nonetheless, we are making concerted efforts discreetly, especially with the fact that our activities are under heavy scrutiny by those concerned.”

This medium also gathered from impeccable sources in the theatre of operations that before the enforcement of the lockdown in Nigeria due to the coronavirus pandemic, there was an influx of foreigners in Borno State. A source stated that he acted as a tour guide for some of these foreigners who placed him on $100 a day for his services.

“I was approached by a friend who is an intern with one of the NGOs in Maiduguri requesting that some of their top management staff are in Nigeria and they would want me to take them around key military institutions in Borno state. In the course of our various trips, I was asked severally questions about the war and what my opinion was as regards the operations of the Nigerian Military and what are the things that motivate them.”

“In some instances, we went as far as Baga in Kukawa local government area where you had the previous headquarters of the Multinational Joint Task Force in Baga. They took pictures and gave monies to locals in the area. I recall asking them for their identities, and they said they were representatives of Amnesty International on a mission to ascertain the level of destruction in North-East Nigeria for rebuilding purposes.”

This medium also gathered that the overarching objectives of these foreign agents was to ensure that Nigeria experiences disintegration like countries like Libya, Syria and Yemen where Amnesty International played an ignoble role in festering the conflict through proxies.

According to an insider in Human Rights Watch, she stated that of late there has been an influx of strange faces in their office holding meetings.

“We have experienced an influx of unknown faces, and whenever they come in, we are usually excluded from the meetings even though the core of our operations revolves around us. This has indeed raised suspicion, but we are handicapped.”

She further added that in most instances after such meetings they were asked to make a compilation of the number of deaths that have been recorded in North-East, Nigeria.

“We are always asked to make a compilation of the number of Boko Haram members that have been killed by the Nigerian Military and send out press statements indicating violation of human rights by the Nigerian Military.”

It was also gathered that these groups also use fictitious human rights abuse allegations against troops to lower the morale of troops. In most instances, these allegations are made whenever the Nigerian Military is advancing and recording successes in the war against Boko Haram.
A top security source also confided in this medium that there are multiple Intel that indicates that Amnesty International and some other groups have been engaging in acts that undermines the efforts of the Nigerian Military.
“There are abounding pieces of evidence at our disposal, and that is why we have placed a red alert on some organization parading themselves as protectors of human rights. We know what their game plan is, but we have to be careful because this is a well-funded syndicate operation.”
“Nigeria has also been the recipient of illicit funding from some terrorist network and businessmen that do not want the Boko Haram crisis to end anytime soon because of what they are benefiting in terms of patronage.”
“I advise that those individuals and organizations donating monies to the likes of Amnesty International should desist from doing such because they are indirectly funding terrorism in Nigeria.”
This medium was able to establish that indeed these organizations, in collaboration with their foreign interest, have been hindering the efforts of the Nigerian Military in the prosecution of the war against Boko Haram terrorism in Nigeria.
It would be recalled on numerous occasions; the Nigerian Government has accused some organizations of aiding and abetting the activities of Boko Haram in Nigeria in active collaboration with some foreign agents bent on seeing to the disintegration of Nigeria. This is on the heels that there are multiple evidence of how some International NGOs are acting the script of their paymasters in ensuring that the Nigerian Military is distracted at all times to give the Boko Haram group the edge in the war.


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