The Coalition of Minority and Indigenous Ethnic Groups in Nigeria has accused immediate-past Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike of breaching the peace pact he signed with his successor, Siminalayi Fubara.

The group, which made this known at a press conference on Wednesday, also claimed that the FCT Minister is using the judiciary to intimidate Governor Fubara’s perceived loyalists. 

In his address, convener Okwa Dan raised an alarm over a plot to arraign the former Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, now Chief of Staff to the Governor, Edison Ehie as “unacceptable to the spirit of peace”.

While applauding Governor Fubara for honouring the agreement, Dan urged Wike to give peace a chance in Rivers. 

“The Coalition of Minority and Indigenous Ethnic Groups in Nigeria has closely followed the implementation of this accord and is pleased to note that the Rivers State Governor has implemented every single action point that pertains to him in the Rivers Peace Document,” he said.

“In the spirit of doing to the right side what has been done to the left side, we urge the Wike side of the schism to embrace the peace accord and do so with a human face. Wike’s side should give peace a chance under the circumstances as an appointee and ally of Mr. President Tinubu, who recognises the importance of facilitating internal peace and security in Rivers State.
Wike’s side should shelter their sword.

“We are strongly of the view that the peace agreement must not be seen to be one-sided. Our assertion in this regard arose from the recent development in which the judiciary is being used to undermine the State Governor. This is particularly so in the case of the use of the judiciary by some highly placed individuals to humiliate those who are seen to be loyal to the Governor.

“The recent plot to arraign the former Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly who is now Chief of Staff to the State Governor, Edison Ehie is therefore unacceptable to the spirit of peace, which both sides are expected to embrace in the wake of signing the peace accord. Our Coalition is therefore calling on the Federal Government and its agencies to in the spirit of the Peace Accord withdraw all the charges against Edison Ehie and all other Fubara’s loyalists.

“Peace cannot be a one-sided affair. Since Governor Fubara has gone out of his way to give juicy appointments to the loyalists of the FCT, those who are in the Governor’s camp should not be treated differently. Hounding them with the judiciary of federal institutions will only cause fresh provocations that make a mockery of the efforts that President Tinubu has put into restoring peace to that part of the country. It will be most disrespectful to repay Mr President with such behaviour when he has shown the way in how to give peace a chance.

“Our Coalition consequently frowns at attempts to use the judiciary or agencies of the Federal government to witch-hunt officials of the Rivers State Government. Beyond negating the peace accord, it also signposts a threat to the autonomy of the nation’s federating states. We want Mr Wike to take special note that his camp’s stance on remaining belligerent has implications for the relationship between the states and the Federal Government. Today, he enjoys the federal might but tomorrow the shoe may be on the other foot.”


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