In a united front for the sake of peace and progress in Nasarawa Eggon, concerned stakeholders have come together to address a matter of utmost importance.

The stakeholders, representing various segments of our community, have urged Hon. Ibrahim Muhammed (vandalism) to reconsider his quest for an appeal in the case against Hon. Kudu Ajegana, who was recently declared the winner by the Tribunal.

In a press briefing that took place on Tuesday, in Nasarawa Eggon, where the stakeholders emphasized the need for unity within the community. They noted that both Hon. Ibrahim and Hon. Ajegana are considered sons of Nasarawa Eggon, and it is essential that their legal dispute should not be allowed to drive a wedge between them.

Recall that the candidate of the PDP Ibrahim Mohammed, challenge the victory of Jacob Kudu of APC in the state election polls conducted in March, 2023.

Chairman of the tribunal, Justice Francisca Nnong-Isoni, in her ruling, stated that the petitioner failed to provide sufficient evidence to support their case, leading to the dismissal of the case on grounds of lack of merit.

The leader of the stakeholder group, Mr. Emmanuel Ovey, and the secretary, Mr. Abdullahi Anzaku, jointly signed the statement. They expressed deep concerns about the diversion of funds from community development projects towards the legal proceedings. This diversion of resources was deemed unacceptable and contrary to the interests of the constituents.

The stakeholders strongly appealed to Hon. Ibrahim, a member of the PDP, to respect the verdict of the Tribunal and allow Hon. Kudu Ajegana to continue serving as the Honourable member representing Nasarawa Eggon East Constituency. This, they believe, is essential to ensure the prompt delivery of the dividends of democracy to the people.

It was also highlighted that while other constituency members have already initiated projects for the betterment of their community, Nasarawa Eggon East Constituency remains stagnant. When inquired about the reason for this stagnation, Hon. Kudu Ajegana reportedly mentioned that he had spent significant amounts pursuing the court case and would continue to do so if necessary.

In light of these circumstances, the stakeholders urged Hon. Ibrahim to drop the appeal he has filed, emphasizing that this decision would pave the way for much-needed development within the constituency.

They concluded by underlining the fact that this election is not the last, and the present house member, Hon. Kudu Ajegana, should extend an olive branch to Hon. Ibrahim, as they are like family, and settle their differences amicably. The collective appeal is for the greater good of Nasarawa Eggon and its residents.

The concerned stakeholders believe that embracing unity and cooperation is the key to a brighter future for Nasarawa Eggon, and they stand united in this endeavor.


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