Tensions boiled over in Nasarawa as an army vehicle, accompanied by armed soldiers, forcefully collided with a group of protesters, resulting in injuries to three individuals.

The chaotic incident unfolded during a demonstration that commenced at the city gate of Welcome to Lafia around 11:30 am on Tuesday. As the protest progressed towards the Stadium Junction, situated a few kilometers from the PDP Secretariat, the army vehicle forcefully plowed through the crowd.

Expressing dismay over the military’s actions, Keffas Tigga, the convener of the protest, highlighted that three elderly women sustained injuries, requiring immediate hospitalization, while others were visibly traumatized.

“What kind of country is this?” Tigga lamented, condemning the military’s intervention. “Nasarawa belongs to all of us, and we must protect this mandate. Our mothers, children, and widows are here, and the military will just appear and run through them.”

Despite the escalating tensions, James Alu, the group’s leader, steadfastly affirmed their commitment to their cause, declaring a determination to continue protesting until justice prevailed, regardless of the risks involved.

In a solemn tone, Gambo Baba, a widow among the protesters, decried the harsh treatment they faced. “They are beating us like kids, and we will not relent. We know who we voted for; it is David Ombugadu, and we want him to be reinstated.”

Echoing a similar sentiment, Juliana Abimuku, a farmer among the demonstrators, emphasized Ombugadu’s significance to their livelihoods: “I am a farmer, my children are farmers now, my husband is late, and no one cares about us except Ombugadu, who supports us now.”

The distressed protesters urgently appealed to influential figures both locally and globally to intervene. Specifically naming individuals such as Reuben Abate, Husseini Rufai of Arise TV, Seun Akinboloye of Channels TV, Prof. Wole Soyinka, Harris Kamala, Barack Obama, and Prof. Lumumba, among others, they sought assistance in rescuing Nasarawa State from its current turmoil.

Amid the tension, Nasarawa remains in a state of unrest as the protesters persist in their fervent plea for justice, remaining undeterred by the recent clash with the military. They continue their call for support and intervention from influential personalities to aid their pursuit of electoral justice and preservation of democratic rights.


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