Chief Executive Officer of TheNigerian-a news portal that focuses on developmental issues within Nigeria with grip on trending global issues- Mr. Philip Agbese, is set to launch a book on President Muhammadu Buhari.
The Book, Integrity Vs Power Play: Understanding the Buhari Phenomenon is a literary document that introduces fresh perspectives into the gamut of issues surrounding the Buhari persona and goes beneath the veneer of public discourse to connect major and minor events in the life of the Nigerian President with how Nigeria is being transformed for the better since the advent of the current administration.

Written in lurid prose, the author makes no pretense about his adroitness with the subject matter as he walked through the maze of several issues right from the early days of the Nigerian President to now and explains with ease what had stood as labyrinthine contours and conjectures with lucidity and clarity.
The currency of the book against the background of its historical depth stands as one of its major selling point as it marries the past and the present in a manner that no work on the president has done that both researchers and those content with trendy news would find a common ground.
The inspiration for the book as explained by the author on its blurb,  “is the resounding victory of President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019 general elections”  and the “hope that the reader would understand why President Buhari has remained an exceptional leader in the military and political firmament of Nigeria.”
The book is edited by Professor Bitrus Gwamna, a professor of political science based in the US while the forward is written by George Kieh , a political researcher and one time  presidential candidate in Liberia.
It will be unveiled at the International Conference Centre, Abuja on the 30th  December, 2019.
Agbese has been actively involved in helping to shape global narratives about the image and perception of Nigeria through his medium, TheNigerian and through media interventions as a public affairs commentator. Agbese attended Univeristy of Ilorin and Middlesex University London where he bagged a first degree in laws and recent concluded his masters in human rights laws.
His latest effort is bound to mark him as a major force in the circle of writers who desire positive changes for their countries.

Hon Okpokwu Ogenyi
Media Coordinator for the book launch  


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