Sequel to the protest on Tuesday, the Coalition for Nigeria Movement (CNM) has thrown its weight behind the call for the expulsion of Amnesty International from the country.

According to the group, it salutes “the brave Nigerians who stood up in their numbers to draw the attention of the world to AI’s nefarious and destabilization activities.”

Speaking on behalf of the group at a press conference on Thursday in Abuja, Secretary-General, Dr. Maxwell Obioma said Nigerians are resolute in the task of protecting Nigeria from the clutches of Amnesty International.

He revealed that Nigerians are now aware of AI’s plot in conjunction with some foreign interest such as the Iranian government to truncate the nation’s democracy.

The despicable part of AI’s plot, according to the coalition is that it has bought some Nigerian non-government organizations and legal practitioners to its fold with astronomical sums.

The Coalition for Nigeria Movement believes AI has betrayed Nigeria by entering into a pact with Iran to promote and protect the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN).

While hailing the Nigerians for standing for their sovereignty, the group advised Amnesty International to have a rethink and retrace its steps.

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press
Members of the Distinguished Diplomatic Community
Representatives of Civil Society Organizations
Other critical stakeholders

“Nigerians are resolute in the task of protecting Nigeria from the clutches of Amnesty International.”

The Coalition for Nigeria Movement, a civil society organization at the vanguard of ensuring the sustenance of good governance and democracy in Nigeria, wishes to applaud the hundreds of thousands of Nigerians that showed solidarity in the quest for the protection of our nascent democracy.

We were overwhelmed by the large turnout of people who came out in their numbers under one accord, which was aimed at highlighting the atrocities of Amnesty International in their ignoble quest to see to the disintegration of Nigeria.

As a people, we are aware of the plot by Amnesty International in conjunction with some foreign interest that has been plotting for the disintegration of Nigeria manifest in their disjointed and often fabricated reports about Nigeria.

This much they have carried on unabated and most recently the unholy alliance they entered with the Iranian Government to cause havoc and crisis of unimaginable proportion in Nigeria through the sponsorship of militant groups under various nomenclatures.

The activities of Amnesty International has been despicable and an affront to the territorial integrity of Nigeria. This act is indeed condemnable and an indication that indeed the bulk of the spate of insecurity in Nigeria is as a result of the evil machinations of foreign interest that are not happy with the gains made by in Nigeria since the advent of the present administration.

The despicable part of the plot is that due to the quantum of money made available by Iran, some Nigerian lawyers and Non-Governmental Organizations have decided to sell their conscience in return for a plate of porridge by attempting to defend and support the activities of Amnesty International in Nigeria. This is indeed an indication that Amnesty International and its Iranian sponsors have indeed infiltrated the polity with blood-stained monies that are proceeds of terrorism.

These lawyers and NGOs have decided to feign ignorance of the numerous ways Amnesty International has attempted to compromise the territorial integrity of Nigeria since they started defending the actions of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN).

That the activities of the IMN have indeed brought sorrow and tears on the faces of innocent Nigerians is an understatement. And to imagine that some that call themselves Nigerians and recite the National Anthem and National pledge is indeed a shame.

Our very foundation has been threatened by the violent and terrorist activities of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. They have maimed and killed innocent Nigerians for no justifiable reason. They have attempted to assassinate the Chief of Army Staff, they have killed a senior police officer, and they have killed and abducted innocent women and children in furtherance of their plan to establish Iranian backed caliphates in Nigeria.

The Coalition for Nigerian Movement wishes to advise those Nigerians that have decided to stand the truth on its head and think they cannot survive without Amnesty International should have a rethink and retrace their steps because Arise Oh Compatriots, Nigeria call Obey.

They must indeed obey the call for a greater and prosperous Nigeria that has refused to be susceptible to the whims and caprices of some vested interest that are hell-bent on the disintegration of the country.

The constant attack by Amnesty International on the Nigerian state is indeed part of the grand plot it has entered with the Iranian Government that involved the payment of millions of dollars in return for spreading falsehood against Nigeria before the international community.

We consequently wish to state that Iran or the IMN should not add to our troubles, and they must respect the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and a reason why all well-meaning Nigerians must join in the call for the expulsion of Amnesty International from Nigeria.

We thank the hundreds of thousands of Nigeria that came out in their numbers to draw the attention of the world to the various activities of Amnesty International to destabilize Nigeria.

Thank you all, and God bless Nigeria.


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