…urges security agencies to fish out culprits

The registered trustees of the African leadership Strategy and Transparency Development Initiative (ALSTDI) has distance itself from media reports targeted at the management of the National Population Commission (NPC) describing same as pure fiction and handiwork of blackmailers.

Recall that there were reports in some sections of the media claiming to have emanated from ALSTDI demanding specific budgeted sums for payment for intercensal population activities and development of small area level database.

But the CSO in a statement issued on Saturday by it’s registered trustees and signed by Biamegh Roseline apologized to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the NPC management as well as Nigerians for the misinformation in some sections of the media against the National Population Commission management, describing same as pure fiction and handiwork of blackmailers.

The organization maintained that the public apology became necessary to correct the misinformation that has been peddled in the media against the NPC management and many of Mr President most performing appointees in recent times.

“Sadly, It is now the new pattern, blackmailers just wake up and drop the name of Mr President because they know his administration is focused on delivering to the people; such people must not be allowed to distract Mr President at all.

“We as the registered trustees of ALSTDI are particularly concerned about the rising cases of impersonation, fraud, intimidation and criminal blackmail of high performing government officials by a syndicate in order to give Mr President’s administration a bad image. This trend is purely political and must be investigated by relevant security agencies.

“It has come to our notice that usurpers have taken to the media using our platform to discredit and exploit public officials and this calls for concern. Accordingly, on behalf of the trustees of ALSTDI, we have directed the suspension of the entire management committee of (ALSTDI) for dereliction of duty in line with our constitution. A new interim committee would be announced in due cause.

“The anti-corruption posture of this administration has not only shown commitment for transparency and respect for rule of law but has revived the confidence of Nigerians in the leadership of the country and such there is no need for unnecessary distractions for Mr President”,the statement noted.

The group insisted that the rising activities of blackmailers are becoming notorious in the current administration with a view to distract Mr President best brains.

“Take for example, the false accusations against the Chief of Staff to the President, the minister of Interior both adjudged as the best hands of Mr President and many other victims. Mr President must be wary of the activities of blackmailers so as not to be caught in between their web of speculation and mudslinging and shenanigans.

“ALSTDI trustees insisted that following media reports of misappropriation against the National Population Commission leadership, it utilized internal mechanisms which led to revelations and confessions of the said Abel king whose name appeared in the report

” Abel king confessed that as a matter of fact, there was no such petition against the National Population Commission under the current leadership of Alh Nasir Isa Kwarra and also confirmed that there was no evidence whatsoever to support the allegations contained therein.

“Abel king further confessed that he never wrote any petition against the National Population Commission as reported, never met or seen the sponsors of the petition but was only invited by a friend on the fateful day of January 24 at Imo House and handed a document to read from an already prepared text which was undersigned by one Mr Adewale Ogunnoiki.

“For the records, I Abel king have not written or submitted any petition against the National Population Commission management anywhere as insinuated by media reports, and I regret my involvement which was planned for the simple reason to intimidate and exploit the commission.

“Queried why he would address the media on a sensitive matter without evidence, Abel king apologized to Nigerians but insisted that since his name was not on the original document handed to him, it was mischievous and unprofessional for the media to smuggle his name into the news report insisting that it was a hatchet job and capital offense in journalism that is highly regretted.

“I believe the NUJ will act accordingly to sanction those Journalists who collude with blackmailers to sustain a criminal syndicate for personal gains. I can assure you that none of the publishing platforms has evidence because there is no such but fiction”, the statement added.


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