The PDP Concern Group Nasarawa State has conveyed its profound disappointment and apprehension in response to the recent Appeal Court judgment that overturned the PDP’s gubernatorial victory from the lower tribunal, awarding it to the APC on technical grounds rather than the case’s merit.

Expressing concerns about the departure from democratic principles, particularly the principle of majority rule, the group questions the credibility of our electoral processes. They highlight instances of irregularities, notably in Gayam ward and Chiroma ward, where discrepancies in accredited voters and votes cast were seemingly overlooked by the tribunal.

The group asserts that the judgment raises doubts about the judiciary’s commitment to justice, fairness, and merit. They emphasize the need for a thorough investigation into the alleged irregularities and call on competent authorities, notably the Supreme Court, to scrutinize the matter and rectify perceived injustices.

In addition, the PDP Concern Group urges the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to address grievances seriously, ensuring the prevention of irregularities in future elections. They underscore the importance of safeguarding citizens’ right to participate in free and fair elections.

COM. ADAMU DAVIDSON HENRY, Convener of the PDP Concern Group Nasarawa State, reaffirms the group’s commitment to justice and fairness, pledging ongoing efforts to uphold the will of the people in Nasarawa State and beyond.


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