In a landmark judgment delivered on Tuesday at the Appeal Court sitting in Abuja, the victory of Hon. Jacob Ajegana Kudu, representing the All Progressives Congress (APC), in the Nasarawa Eggon East Constituency election has been affirmed.

The ruling dismisses the petition filed by Ibrahim Muhammed, the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), challenging the outcome of the fiercely contested election.

The legal battle that ensued following the elections, characterized by heated arguments and extensive legal representations, culminated in the judgment handed down by the appellate court. Hon. Jacob Ajegana Kudu emerged victorious in the election held on 18th march, 2023 garnering widespread support from constituents in Nasarawa Eggon East Constituency.

The Appeal Court ruling affirmed the earlier decision of the lower tribunal, which had upheld the victory of Hon. Jacob Ajegana Kudu. The panel of judges, deliberated extensively on the merits of the case, examining evidence presented by both parties.

Addressing the media shortly after the judgment, Hon. Jacob Ajegana Kudu expressed gratitude to the judiciary for upholding the will of the people and affirmed his commitment to serving the constituents diligently.

He extended an olive branch to his opponents, calling for unity and collaboration for the progress and development of Nasarawa Eggon East Constituency.

With the conclusion of the legal battle at the Appeal Court, Hon. Jacob Ajegana Kudu stands affirmed as the victor in the Nasarawa Eggon East Constituency election, marking the end of a protracted legal process and setting the stage for focused representation and development initiatives in the constituency.


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