The Vehicle Owners Association of Nigeria (VOAN) has hailed Federal Government’s subsidy removal palliatives policy, describing it as the best way to directly affect lives of Nigeria masses.

VOAN, which is the umbrella body of the organized Vehicle Owners in Nigeria both in the public and private sector, in a statement made available to the media Thursday, advised Nigerians that the subsidy removal and palliative measures are possibly the only way out of the immediate economic situation in Nigeria.

The statement, which was jointly signed by Vincent Odo Okoko and Makinde Oluwole, the association Secretary General and President indicated that President Tinubu’s subsidy removal remains an open-door policy, which is evidenced by his numerous engagements with Nigerians through the Nigeria Labour Congress – NLC, Trade Union Congress – TUC and many other stakeholders without the usual bureaucratic hindrances and bottle-necks.

The statement, further read in parts, “Your timely formation of the government with nominations of potential ministers whose lists are before the National Assembly, your leadership of the ECOWAS and the enhanced security of lives and properties within the country away from the incessant killings by bandits, kidnappers and armed robbers as witnessed in the recent past.

“in specific terms, your promise to Nigerians to kick-start the rehabilitation of the moribund Nigeria Oil Refineries, your promise to name and possibly prosecute the saboteurs among the oil importers and your promise to activate the presidential committee on wage negotiation with the Labour bodies are welcome developments. Furthermore, your promise to make thousands of Buses available along with soft loans to transport operators to ease the suffering of Nigerians was received with excitement.

“in the light of the above however, it is common knowledge that in the past, these types of laudable initiatives or palliatives were hijacked by some unscrupulous elements or many a time marred by cronyism or outright frustration of the efforts of the government by the faulty process and procedure adopted by the relevant agencies.

“VOAN as a public advocate for the welfare of Nigerians through the transportation system cannot fold its arms or watch helplessly as these set of people would once again position themselves to sabotage all the government efforts this time with the expected huge financial resources that shall be made available to the economy through these palliatives. VOAN also cannot watch while these set of people who do not mean well for Nigeria take on the good intentions of the government and at the end of the day make Nigerians begin to curse their leaders who may be oblivious of the activities of these saboteurs.

“This is because folding our arms will amount to gross dereliction of social responsibility of the Association, patriotism and nationalism. As stated by Frantz Fanon “every onlooker is either a coward or a traitor”. VOAN is neither an Association of cowards nor traitors and we stand solidly behind Mr. President to ensure that our members and the entire transportation community get the expected benefits.

“We plead with Mr. President to ensure that whoever must benefit from the transportation palliatives as promised by your good self should first obtain a letter of comfort or clearance, from our office. This will enable us carry-out due diligence and run a background check on such individuals or body corporate to ensure that they are genuine, viable and have the capacity to manage the vehicles or loan facility for the benefit of Nigerians.

“This also will allow us to monitor usage and report abuses. Furthermore, this arrangement will enable VOAN to use group pressure to recover the automobile loan when there is a default by any vehicle owner or beneficiary. This is aimed at protecting the Federal Government’s scheme and ensures the sustainability of the good intention of the government into the indefinite future. Please accept the assurances of our highest respect and esteem regards at all times.”


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