A situation unfolded at the Assemblies of God Church in Ehere, Ogbor Hill, Aba, Abia state, as Reverend Eze Ogba refused to officiate a wedding between Mr. Isreal Kennedy and Miss Rose due to the revelation of the bride’s pregnancy. The church, adhering to its tradition, conducted a pregnancy test, leading to the cancellation of the wedding.

The couple, their families, and attendees were left in confusion as the priest announced the cancellation after the test results. Despite efforts by the families to reverse the decision, the church stood firm. The groom’s and bride’s families reportedly sought an alternative church for the wedding and reception.

A church member explained that the Assemblies of God Church has a tradition of not conducting weddings for pregnant brides, regardless of their status. The decision faced criticism from some members who believed the ceremony should have proceeded, with disciplinary action taken afterward.

Notably, both the groom and the bride were later suspended in accordance with the church’s constitution. Efforts to obtain the priest’s reaction were unsuccessful as he was reportedly in a meeting during Vanguard’s visit to the church.


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