Renowned comedienne, Helen Paul, shared a surprising revelation about her past on The Honest Bunch Podcast, where she disclosed that her boss at work attempted to dissuade her husband, Femi Bamisile, from dating or marrying her. According to Helen, her boss went as far as suggesting to Femi that she wasn’t a suitable match for him, advising him to consider just enjoying himself with her.

In addition to her boss, Helen mentioned that even her Human Resources (HR) manager at work tried to interfere with her relationship, questioning Femi’s choice of her as a partner. She recounted the HR manager commenting on Femi’s clean image and legal profession, seemingly expressing disbelief at the pairing.

Despite these challenges, Helen Paul and Femi Bamisile, who got married in 2010, have built a family together, blessed with two children. The comedienne’s revelation sheds light on the obstacles she faced in her personal life and the resilience that has defined her successful marriage.


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